Week 23 – Day 1

Gong to MalmΓΆ on Monday and I’m so excited! Have no clue why I would have booked a Monday afternoon flight rather than today, but oh well. A quick little update and bump pic for today I think πŸ™‚


Check me out, proper little bump! Some evenings mu stomach feels so stretched I honestly don’t know how it’s supposed to grow more. But I’m sure I’ll look back at this thinking that I’m tiny right now in comparison. So what’s happening?

  • Rash is spreading… and itching like crazy! Gonna call the docs on Monday and see if I can get a same day appointment, and hopefully some hydrocortisone cream prescribed. I just keep itching it :/
  • For the first time yesterday I felt really really tired from walking for 10 minutes. Not in pain or uncomfortable, just out of breath…
  • Made a more comprehensive list that my old one, and actually started researching all the things to see if we need them need them or if it’s just an item that consumerism is trying to sell us. There are surprisingly many useless things out there that are labelled as a “must have”.
  • I feel like I look awful with clothes on, but awesome in underwear or naked! Wish I could just walk around with no clothes all the time πŸ™‚

Week 22 – Day 4

I was talking to a colleague at lunch today who has a friend who’s also pregnant. She commented on the fact that I’ve booked a trip to Ireland in September, asking if I’m not worried about stuff going wrong. Got me thinking a bit about attitude. She said her friend is panicking and worrying about everything and anything that could potentially happen, even though it hasn’t happened yet.

I know I’m quite an optimistic person by nature, sometimes over optimistic. But it hasn’t really crossed my mind to plan for things as if though it wouldn’t work. What would be the point in that? Some people have the mindset of “everything that can go wrong will go wrong” with the goal to have a plan of action when the bad stuff happens. Maybe I’m naive or unprepared, but I’m pretty sure IF anything was to not go according to plan, I could handle it when it happens. It doesn’t make sense to me to walk around worrying about all the potential horrors of pregnancy… cause what if they DON’T happen? Then I would have worried for nothing, and not enjoyed the times that did go well.

Is it just me? I mean, I’m a firm believer in planning in general and to be prepared for the baby. And I’m very much aware that things may not be this easy in a month, or two or three…. but as long as it’s all good, it’s all good right?

Week 22 – Day 3

Today was the first time someone asked me if I’m pregnant! Haha, pretty brave right, and I have to give it to her, very subtly handled. She came up to me when we were both heading into the office.. “Cata, can I ask you a bit of a personal question and sorry in advance if I’m wrong… but are you pregnant?”. I answered truthfully straight away rather than acting offended like I’d planned to. But to be fair, out of all the people, she would have found it funny!

We’re officially in month number 6, and baby should pass the half kilo mark this week! Time moves quickly and slowly all at the same time. I can’t wait to hang out in Malmo next week πŸ™‚

Me and Dave met up with a girl I know from London on Saturday. She lives in Rotterdam now and is also preggo, a week behind me, and it’s nice to know that when I’m off work before the baby comes I’ll have someone to hang out with. She’s very similar to me in the sense that she’s not feeling over emotional about the whole thing. We spend a lot of time talking about bonding with the baby, and how neither of us feel that “super connection” that people keep talking about. I wrote about this earlier on in the pregnancy but will follow up, as I think it’s worth talking about.


Week 22 – Day 0

New week, and let’s start off with a little bump pic update seeing as it’s been a while. 

There’s a bit more there right? I can definitely feel more than before. Some days it’s a soft drumming and last night was like kicking and punching for dear life. Even Dave got some really good kicks! 

We had another check up and everything seems to be developing good! I really really hope that it just continues to go well. We signed up to pre-natal classes as well starting early September! Not quite sure what to expect from that but will keep an open mind. 

On a more annoying note, the rash on my legs is being very stubborn? Sort of settling down and coming back again all the time… Not sure what’s causing it still or what to do about it :/

Week 21 – Day 5

Several updates in a row – cause things are happening! Last night in bed as I was about to fall asleep if felt my whole uterus turn rock hard, something that hasn’t happened before and that I couldn’t control It was a little bit uncomfortable and not scary but… unknown. The whole thing lasted for maybe a minute, although it felt longer. It didn’t hurt, but when feeling my stomach, it was as if someone had just put a completely solid stone in there.

Google is my friend, and this morning me and Dave came to the conclusion that it was most likely Braxton Hicks contractions. Apparently very common from early pregnancy, but usually not felt until the second trimester. Ans although everyone gets them, some women never feel them at all. They are totally harmless, and it’s the body’s way to “practice” contractions for when it’s really time. So now we know a little bit more that we did yesterday.

I wouldn’t mind if they didn’t come very often though, it wasn’t a particularly nice experience.

Week 21 – Day 4

Apparently pregnancy rash it a thing… Yet another unexplained thing that only women go through. It came from nowhere when I was in the shower, only on the back of my right calf. It itched like crazy and then it was gone… The annoying thing is that for the short duration that it was there I scratched it like crazy, so now my skin is all sore 😦

Week 21 – Day 3

No bump pic today… Sorry, this morning was unreal. It was the first time since I stopped feeling sick and tired that I felt a real physical effect of this pregnancy, and I just had to lie back down instead of getting ready for work. Seems there’s been some kind of growth spurt over the weekend. I look pregnant beyond doubt now, and must have gained two kilos in the last two days. Gravity felt extra strong this morning. So in total it’s a weight gain of 4 kg now, which I think is perfectly normal… It’s just that three out of the four came in the last week or so.

Is this the beginning of the end of the dream 2nd trimester? I technically have a whole month left before entering the last stage, and this might be a one off symptom that I’m feeling while I re-adjust. Man I hope so…

On top of the growth spurt it feels like my whole uterus has moved, sort of upward, pushing everything aside even more. I usually have a bowl of yogurt, fruit and granola for breakfast which does me really well, but today I felt so sick after. Not nauseous, but as if I’d gone all out at an all you can eat buffet. I imagine this is what it feels like after having one of those gastric band surgeries, and it takes a while mentally to catch up with the fact that you just can’t each the same amount. Need to re-plan my whole daily routing to fit in lots of little meals instead, if this is gonna continue… to be continued…