Week 27 – Day 5

This morning my lower back has been really hurting. I’ve had little twitches on and off for a couple of weeks, but today I actually had to take some pain killers just to sit up at work without being in pain. I’m guessing it’s not exactly something that will just go away, but maybe I’ll try to book in a preggo massage. Or what Dave suggested which is to start using shoes with better support. Not a bad idea really since I mostly walk around in my converse which are just completely flat.

I’m currently on around +6 / 7 kg still but I can really feel it pushing on my back, and when I lay down as well it’s as if the belly is pulling my whole body downward. I know I said in the beginning that I’m not sure what to do with a month off work before the baby comes, but I’m actually really looking forward to it now. 8 more weeks of working!

Week 27 – Day 3

I was home by myself this weekend while Dave was in Hamburg on a lads holiday (cannot wait to go away with just friends after the baby is out!). It was a really relaxing weekend, but I noticed that it’s really important for me to have Dave around to talk to. Baby was a little quieter than usual between Friday and Saturday morning, and without Dave there to reason with, my thoughts very quickly went to worst case scenarios. Luckily she started moving around again so it was all good.

I also realised that I don’t speak out loud to the baby the way Dave does. I talk to her in my head, thinking that she knows what I’m saying, but clearly I need to actually say stuff out loud. Still feels a bit strange though to talk out loud to someone who isn’t there yet..

Week 27 – Day 0

We’re well and truly 3rd trimestering! 90 days to go, and a lot of stuff is suddenly happening.

  • In the next 4 weeks, there’s serious growth spurt happening, where she properly fattens up!
  • She dreams! and has a consciousness! Like a real person
  • If she’s born premature now, the chances that she survives with no lasting damages is very high 🙂 so a little relief there.
  • From my next appointment at the midwife the visits will be more frequent, and they will do another blood test.

Dave’s away this weekend, so I’ve got three days to myself. Not quite sure what I’ll get up to yet, but if I’m as tired as I have been the last two days, I’m guessing not much… Then next weekend it’s Liverpool!! Where I’ll get to see Cris and her bump ❤

I think this week’s bump looks pretty similar to previous ones, but I’m expecting a faster pace of change over the next month! I’m really happy that I haven’t had to buy any maternity clothes yet (besides the two pairs of jeans) but I reckon that will change very soon. Most of my tops don’t cover the bottom of my bell anymore :/


Week 26 – Day 5

New category starting today: Month 7! On top of that I have entered the third and final trimester, and like clockwork, all my bladder control seems to have gone over night. I was so close to weeing myself on the cycle into work this morning, and when I eventually got in and actually went, there was like two drops in there. But it seems that she has learned a way not just to kick my bladder, but what can only be described as massaging it like a stress ball, or pushing from top to bottom to squeeze every drop out. Daym…. I thought I’d be spared :/

Week 26 – Day 4

I had a strange dream last night about my boobs leaking haha. I’m guessing it’s perfectly normal, but it got me thinking that maybe I should start ticking off the section on my “to buy” list that concerns breastfeeding.

So far we’ve only got little bits off the list, and the biggest thing we got is the cot (which arrived yesterday, and sort of fits in the room, classic me to not measure first :/), but I still feel like it’s too soon… Technically there’s around 10 weeks left until she could come at any time, and in the back on my mind I’m still worried that something will go wrong, and then we’re just sat in a flat full of baby stuff. I know it both makes sense and doesn’t. It’s natural to be scared, but at the same time I’ve had such an easy pregnancy that if I don’t think about it, it’s like everything is completely normal.

I should probably just bite the bullet and get on with sorting stuff out.


Week 26 – Day 3

No picture over the weekend cause we’ve been camping! I wasn’t really sure how it was gonna go with sleeping in an air mattress for two nights, but it’s been really good actually, and my back has been fine! My body was totally beat and tired though when we got home yesterday. I had a nice long bath then fell asleep on the sofa at 8 and slept til almost 8 this morning! I guess it wears you out more than I thought!

On the Thursday before we left we had our 4 weekly checkup at the midwife. Blood pressure is good, and the little ones hear beat is good too! It sounded higher than usual when we listened, and turns out it was because I’d just had a coffee before I went.

Then on the Saturday I had a little panic cause I didn’t feel her kick all day. It was probably cause we’d been out on a boat and my mind had been on all the stuff we were doing at camping, but my head still got really worked up about it, and then when she eventually moved I felt so relieved! My little baby ❤

Week 25 – Day 5

Today we’re down to double figures. 99 days to go, down from 280 at the beginning. Exciting and scary! And a bit of another milestone happened this week, we ordered the first large item for the baby! After a quick decision that she would start off sleeping in our room, and then a bit of research on co-sleeping we settled on a bedside cot! It’s on it’s way from Amazon, and I’m actually quite excited to see what it’ll look like in real life when it stands in our room. Life is slowly but surely changing.