Week 4 – Day 2



Pre doc thoughts:

Sitting in the waiting room at the doctor’s. Not sure how this will go down, don’t know anything about what this feels like, or how it’s done in the Netherlands.

Post doc update:

Based on the first day of my last period “Justin” is due 19th November, and the doctor is hardly involved at all. It’s still super early days, and I was told to make an appointment with the midwife for around week 8. I guess until then I just wait.

He read through a whole list of things that I’m not allowed to do or eat. Alcohol and drugs (yeah, obvs…), don’t smoke (I don’t anyway)… Cheese, raw/uncooked meat/fish/eggs (I think I can handle that). I think those are the main ones. Take folic acid, be a healthy person, keep exercising – fine.


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