Week 7 – Day 2

The thing that I knew and feared would happen has happened. The “I’m about to throw up right now” feeling happened outside of home. I was cycling to work this morning, and just as I approach one of the traffic lights the intense nausea hits. I’d been feeling a bit sicky throughout the morning anyway, but not bad enough to actually throw up. But there it was. I managed to park my bike quickly and run over the the closest canal (I guess that’s a good thing about Amsterdam, at least I don’t feel like I’m messing up the streets!).

Afterward I really wanted to get some mints or gum, and something little to get down my stomach, just cause it seems to sit better then. I went in to theĀ Starbucks nearby but apparently they don’t sell mints (?! since when?!) and instead I end up paying 2 euro for one biscotti :/


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