Week 11 – Day 3

The long weekends that’s just passed was so nice. Really struggled to get up this morning, and this will be the first 5 day week in ages! I know, I know, people work 5 days a week…. It’s not a big deal.

I totally forgot to take a picture yesterday, so it’ll have to wait until next week. I did weigh myself though, ans still no weight gain?! It doesn’t add up. I can definitely not fit into my old jeans anymore, so I must have just expanded? The stuff I got off asos was good 🙂 need to exchange the jeans though as they are huge! and the tights I reckon will work better once the bump is bigger, as they’re currently just sort of sliding down all the time.

It’s been quite an active long weekend with lots of walking around, mainly casue of King’s Day, and I started noticing that I can really feel it in my lower back, and hip joints after a while. An effect of the pregnancy hormone I suppose, as it loosens up all your joints in preparation for birth! Fun times.


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