Week 14 – Day 0

New week, entering week 15 AND month number 4! Justin is now over 8 cm!! (furealz?!?!) which is around the size of a kiwi. Kiwis are coincidentally my new favourite fruit and has helped me immensely with keeping happy and regular!

I’ve started feeling as if people are looking at my midsection. I’ve obviously told bosses in work and close friends etc. But I haven’t made any kind of grand announcement to the general workplace or the public or say the people in my Dutch class, and I can tell that some people are now looking at me thinking… hmm? she’s put on a bit of weight in an oddly specific place. But are obviously too scared/polite to ask. I’m almost thinking that when (if) they do ask, I’ll pretend to be super offended haha.

Got our next midwife check up next Thursday, so hopefully everything looks normal, and we can schedule in an appointment for the next scan! I’m totally back and forth about finding out the gender, so I think it’ll just come down to whatever impulse I have on the day.


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