Week 15 – Day 5

My app says i’m 40% through this pregnancy!? What? Nothing has even happened yet!!! 40 is almost half?? Another 4 weeks and we’re counting down instead of up…

I’ve given myself a deadline of week 20 to at least have put together a well thought through list of things we need to get. At least we’ve cleared out the study so there’s more space in there now, but I feel like I need to get a bit more proactive about this. Ever since my panic in that baby shop I’ve been avoiding looking at brands of stuff, maybe it’s time to start?

I’ve also been having some strange dreams recently. Last night was about my belly growing, but not in the normal way, like it wasn’t rounded, but it just looked like the shape of a baby under my skin. Very gross…. And the other day I dreamed that the baby’s heartbeat took over mine, and that my heart was beating super fast all the time.


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