Week 16 – Day 4

I ate sushi yesterday, more importantly a piece of raw salmon. It was delicious. And I’m still alive! I’m still genuinely confused about the guidelines for all the food. There seems to be a website that supports whatever view you wish to adopt at the time. Anyway, I read that they stuff that’s dangerous in raw fish actually makes adults ill too, and seeing as I’ve never been sick from sushi, not in general, and also not from this place, I decided to go for it.

Overall I think that food hygiene and food safety in Europe is pretty good, and the odds that you consume something that would give you a bug is so small. Plus any sushi restaurant that continually made people sick would have surely been shut down or at least have horrible reviews.

I know I went into this with the “better safe than sorry” approach… and that does still hold true to an extent. But at the same time, all the advice on “forbidden” food seems to assume that we are completely inept when it comes to weighing up risks ourselves, and so just tells us to exclude everything. And when I ask myself “when is the last time someone I knew got salmonella from eating a soft boiled egg, or a stomach bug from sushi, or a slice of salami…” it gives a much better feel for the actual risks involved. I think I can have a a bit of all this and still come out alive (with a normal baby) *touch wood*.


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