Week 19 – Day 3

Those comments that pregnant people talk about getting, they’ve started… The way people assume that they are free to talk about your body is quite disturbing. I was at a BBQ with work colleagues this weekend, and there were three other women there who are also expecting. All of them are between 14-18 weeks along (so less than me), and all of them are showing more than me. So the comments on how little I’m showing, and questions about how far along I am, combined with the fact that I can’t feel the baby yet, has now gotten me into this worried frame of mind 😦 like is the baby developing correctly? Is it smaller than normal and why can’t a feel it. Logically and rationally I know that everyone develops at different paces, and that it’s all perfectly normal. I mean, I’ve had no pain that would indicate that something has gone wrong… but still I can feel myself stressing about it… Really can’t wait til the next scan now just to get some reassurance. Anyway, here’s another week of non-existent bump.



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