Week 20 – Day 5

A daughter ❤ the thought makes me infinitely happy and scared at the same time. I will try to gather my thoughts more and get them down on paper.

But for now I can report that the scan went well. She looks healthy and all the organs are where they are supposed to be. She’s a little bit on the small side of average, but the midwife said that it was still within the acceptable range, so nothing to worry about. I was small when I was born, so maybe it’s genetic. Also, as I’m the one who needs to push her out, I don’t mind that the head is on the small side, as long as she’s actually ok.

We’re looking more seriously at names now, mostly space/star names… But I don’t actually want to decide or settle on anything until I see her face. Really can’t imagine what it will even be like!


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