Week 21 – Day 5

Several updates in a row – cause things are happening! Last night in bed as I was about to fall asleep if felt my whole uterus turn rock hard, something that hasn’t happened before and that I couldn’t control It was a little bit uncomfortable and not scary but… unknown. The whole thing lasted for maybe a minute, although it felt longer. It didn’t hurt, but when feeling my stomach, it was as if someone had just put a completely solid stone in there.

Google is my friend, and this morning me and Dave came to the conclusion that it was most likely Braxton Hicks contractions. Apparently very common from early pregnancy, but usually not felt until the second trimester. Ans although everyone gets them, some women never feel them at all. They are totally harmless, and it’s the body’s way to “practice” contractions for when it’s really time. So now we know a little bit more that we did yesterday.

I wouldn’t mind if they didn’t come very often though, it wasn’t a particularly nice experience.


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