Week 26 – Day 4

I had a strange dream last night about my boobs leaking haha. I’m guessing it’s perfectly normal, but it got me thinking that maybe I should start ticking off the section on my “to buy” list that concerns breastfeeding.

So far we’ve only got little bits off the list, and the biggest thing we got is the cot (which arrived yesterday, and sort of fits in the room, classic me to not measure first :/), but I still feel like it’s too soon… Technically there’s around 10 weeks left until she could come at any time, and in the back on my mind I’m still worried that something will go wrong, and then we’re just sat in a flat full of baby stuff. I know it both makes sense and doesn’t. It’s natural to be scared, but at the same time I’ve had such an easy pregnancy that if I don’t think about it, it’s like everything is completely normal.

I should probably just bite the bullet and get on with sorting stuff out.



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