Week 40 – Day 1

As of today we are officially overdue. I’m being really selfish here but I absolutely don’t want her to come on my birthday, I don’t want to share :/ Physically I still feel fine (or as good as you can feel at 40+ weeks),  and mentally it’s a bit of a rollercoaster. At some times it’s ok, I can wait, she’ll come when she’s ready, and at other times I feel like I can’t possibly wait around for any longer.

Been to the midwife this morning to discuss the plan of action. Obviously and indiction will never be as good as a naturally occurring labour, with medicines and artificial hormones… and so here in the Netherlands, they really do wait until the very last moment before they turn to that option. The plan is now:

  1. At 40+6 weeks, so next Wednesday (22nd Nov), they will try a “membrane sweep”. This is a more natural way to try and encourage the body to go into labour. I read that it can be slightly uncomfortable, but only lasts a little while. The success rate is around 1 out of 3 women go into labour within 24 hours. If nothing happens within 24-48 hours then it hasn’t worked.
  2. If the first sweep doesn’t work, they will try another one at 41+2, but that’s a Saturday, so I’m hoping would could potentially do that on the 24th Nov.
  3. If both those sweeps don’t work, there will be a medical indiction at 41+5 which is on my birthday. The last thing I want is to spend my birthday in hospital giving birth. Medical indictions are usually more painful and have more complications, so please let it not come to that.

Hopefully we won’t even need the first sweep, and she’ll be here soon! The current odds are:

  • Odds of going into labour today: 6.21%
  • In the next three days: 19.08%
  • By this time next week (well, sweep will have happened, but still): 45.7%

Cross your fingers and hold your thumbs everyone!


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