Week 40 – Day 4

4 days over. Not en epic amount in the grand scheme of things, but feels like forever. I read that around 10% of pregnancies need to be medically induced due to the baby just not coming within 14 days. I really hope that she’ll decide to turn up before that… Even before Wednesday when we’re supposed to have a membrane sweep. They don’t sound like the most pleasant thing.

I’ve pretty much been ticking off the list of things to try to get labour going, but they’re just old wives tales I guess, and so far nothing has worked. The main issue for me is not so much the physical side, I do still feel fine actually, but the mental aspect of just waiting, and being restless, and not knowing. On the upside, unless she comes today, she will be a Sagittarius like me! Not a massive deal I know, but feels familiar somehow šŸ™‚

So again, how likely is spontaneous labour?

  • Odds of going in to labour today: 8.17%
  • In the next three days: 24.69:
  • By this time next week: 56.19%

But this time next week is the day before my birthday… and I really just want to sit at home with a baby, and a nice meal and a nice glass of wine! Is that too much to ask?!?


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