Week 40 – Day 6

Membrane sweep + 10 hours. No labour yet. The sweep was definitely uncomfortable and involved a bit of pain  and I seized up a couple of times when I should have been trying to breathe through it instead, but it was still not as bad as I’d expected it to be. Afterwards Dave took me out for breakfast and then we spent most day at home chilling. 

A couple of things have progressed… 

  • Lost mucus plug
  • Uterus has been tensing up all day
  • Been getting what feels like period pains and cramps all day but nothing regular or anything that would actually count as painful.
  • Cervix is in a slightly more progressed state than it was on Monday. 

If this has worked we’ll know by the morning, they say give it 24 hours. If not, I’ve decided to give a second sweep a chance before going down the hospital/medical route. Yes I don’t want her to come on my birthday, but at the same time, if she’s not ready and if my body is not ready a couple of more days of waiting might just get us there naturally, so could be worth it. Worst comes to worse I spend my birthday in hospital… but I’ll still get to take a little baby home. 


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