Week 17 – Day 5

Thank the heavens, there is some hope in this world. In the midst of worry that I will have abandon my child at 6 months, Dave came home with some wonderful news! Seems the world of academia is more progressive after all, and he gets up to 26 weeks leave where he only has to work two days a week, but still gets 80% pay! That means that our previous savings goals where we only live off one salary for 2.5 months is totally doable, and we can be home with Justin until his 1st birthday!

On another note, I enter month number 5 tomorrow, so not long before we start counting down rather than up!


Week 17 – Day 4

We had our first daycare visit today, as our midwife recommended that we start and sign up early to make sure we get a place where we want. Before I walked in we’d talked about timing and things like that and agreed that at 6 months I’d start going back to work and we’d do maybe two days a week of childcare. It’s so expensive here so just two days would cost us around 600 euros per month! Anyway, after seeing the place today and talking to the staff I feel like I never want to leave my child in the care of others.

I don’t know why, but looking at the little babies in there it just felt wrong to the core that they were not with one of their parents. Now don’t get me wrong, I understand that for some people there is no choice financially, and it’s not like parental leave here is generous… that’s a whole issue on it’s own. Also, there was nothing actually wrong with the place itself. Plenty of staff that are well trained, small separated groups and it felt safe and all that… but something about it just really hit me in the wrong way.

When a child is still that young doesn’t it need the immediate physical closeness to an adult who is not distracted by other things? Doesn’t it need an actual parent who loves it and care for it, and give it their attention…? We both walked out of there just feeling like “no” not for us. But then we’re stuck in the situation of, can we actually survive on one salary for 6-9 months? How much would we need in savings to live? How would it work with our employers, considering most mothers are back in work in 3 months, and most fathers don’t take any leave at all… and then we turn around and say we want 6 months each..? How forgiving and flexible would they be?

Much to think about, but it still feels like all other things like career and jobs are less important then the welfare of your own child.

Week 17 – Day 3

The weekend got better yesterday, but still feel like Saturday was totally wasted.

Still no feelings of movement in there, but definitely a more noticeable bump!


Look at that! A proper round belly haha! Feeling just pretty chubby though, but hoping I’ll get used to it!

This week, and actually every week now until the end of summer will be really intense work wise. I really hope I can keep up with the pace… Hate it when I fall behind and then just get more stressed out about it.

Week 17 – Day 1

What a blip of a day. I’ve felt so off, deflated, weak and down. It’s so nice and sunny outside and all I’ve done is move from the bed to the sofa and had a couple of cries. It must be a hormonal thing, cause I can’t explain it in any other way…

According to all the info out there this week is supposedly the most common week to start feeling the baby moving around. I’m not sure what to expect at all, and I can’t imagine what it would feel like, but I’m assuming I’ll know when it happens.

Uhrg… I just want this day to end and hope that tomorrow is better :/

Week 17 – Day 0

Such a busy week in work, barely even realised it was Friday! But the weekend is well needed. Really not much to report on at all in terms of Justin… everything is ticking on as usual, 2nd trimester bliss as they say!

Week 16 – Day 4

I ate sushi yesterday, more importantly a piece of raw salmon. It was delicious. And I’m still alive! I’m still genuinely confused about the guidelines for all the food. There seems to be a website that supports whatever view you wish to adopt at the time. Anyway, I read that they stuff that’s dangerous in raw fish actually makes adults ill too, and seeing as I’ve never been sick from sushi, not in general, and also not from this place, I decided to go for it.

Overall I think that food hygiene and food safety in Europe is pretty good, and the odds that you consume something that would give you a bug is so small. Plus any sushi restaurant that continually made people sick would have surely been shut down or at least have horrible reviews.

I know I went into this with the “better safe than sorry” approach… and that does still hold true to an extent. But at the same time, all the advice on “forbidden” food seems to assume that we are completely inept when it comes to weighing up risks ourselves, and so just tells us to exclude everything. And when I ask myself “when is the last time someone I knew got salmonella from eating a soft boiled egg, or a stomach bug from sushi, or a slice of salami…” it gives a much better feel for the actual risks involved. I think I can have a a bit of all this and still come out alive (with a normal baby) *touch wood*.

Week 16 – Day 3

Another long weekend! The last one until Christmas… Or well, til maternity leave for me. I feel like these are well needed though. 

The belly goes up and down, it’s still more dependent on bloating than anything else! But I’m definitely feeling more of a bump underneath it all. 

I went to a pregnancy workout group on Saturday morning here in the park. Wasn’t quite sure what to expect from it but it was really nice to move around for a bit! I’m also horrified at how utterly weak I’ve become by not moving around for just three months :/ definitely need to keep this up! I mean, I want to be able to actually carry this baby once it’s out as well! Got killer workout aches now though!