Week 30 – Day 6

Lots of posting this week, cause of lots of thoughts! We started the pre-natal course on Tuesday, and it really hit home that we’re going to have a baby soon. Like a real person. There was a lot of information and it was a tad overwhelming, but also very enlightening, as she covered things about the Dutch healthcare system that I had no clue on.

In terms of people the crowd seems nice, probably some couple in there that I would get along with on a personal level. Need to feel them out a bit more.

I’m also noticing how now when there’s only 2 months left, I’m mentally starting to really get fed up with this. I want it to be over and done with soon. I want my old body back, and my old clothes, and the freedom of movement. So very surely counting down now. 63 days to go before due date.


Week 30 – Day 4

My string of less than perfect pregnancy continued the night to yesterday and yesterday. Haven gotten back from Ireland, I spent the hours between 1 am and 9 am running to and from the toilet. Most probably not pregnancy related, but still very not nice. I’m a bit better today and back in work, but could really have done without that whole ordeal as it’s left my body in a bit of a pain-y state.

On a more exciting note, me and Dave are going to our first lesson of the pre-natal class we’re taking. Five weeks in a row on Tuesday we’ll be learning (hopefully) everything we need to know about giving birth, breathing, breastfeeding and keeping a baby alive! Very excited to see what it’ll be like, and also excited to meet other people who are pregnant who will hopefully be nice and easy to get along with!

Week 30 – Day 2

Waiting for the flight back from Dublin. Last flight this year. Last flight as not a mother. I have nothing against being just in one place when it’s my choice, but there are still so many things I want to plan in and do and now I actually can’t. 

My last post about how everything was easy backfired a bit! On Friday we went out for a meal and I massively over ate (and it was quite oily which didn’t help). Later that evening I kept burping up all the food into my mouth and I tried to speak at the same time so sort of choked on the half food half vomit :/ then as I was coughing loads I full on wee’d myself. Not just a little drizzle, but full on wet patch all over the crotch! Daym. 

Lessons learned: Do not over eat! It’s uncomfortable for hours afterwards, I end up burping up sick, and potentially choking on it. 

Anyway, here’s a delayed bump pic from Friday! The internet in the middle of nowhere in Ireland was really bad.

Less than six more weeks of work, and ten more weeks of this! Time to properly start nesting, so this week and next me and Dave will be aiming to get the baby room fully sorted! 

Week 29 – Day 5

I’m almost a little bit scared of writing this, in case I jinx it all, but this pregnancy has really been above all expectations so far in terms of how I’m feeling. Yes, I’ve been tired, and yes I’ve had a bit of back pain… but when I compare it to the “list of symptoms” I “should” be having at this stage, it’s nothing! I still cycle to work and back every day, I can still walk for hours as I did over the weekend in Cologne, I’m still travelling without feeling exhausted. I guess my general pace is a tad slower, but I really do feel like I’m not even pregnant some of the time.

We had a very quick check up with the midwife yesterday. Blood pressure is good, uterus is a good size, baby is a good size, baby’s heart beat is solid, iron levels are above average which is awesome. She said that the baby is positioned head downward already which is really good, and that she is quite far back in the uterus, which is why I’m not having so much back pain, cause the strain is a lot less. Thank you little one, for being so good already! I really hope this continues!

Things for the “generic week 30 list” that I’m definitely NOT missing:

  • Acute back pain and not being able to walk/sit for long periods – Been walking loads and have been totally fine
  • Swollen feet – nope, shoes still fit!
  • Sleeping badly – not really, even on the sofa bed over the weekend I was comfy. The exception was the mosquito in our room two nights ago, but can’t really put that on the baby
  • Leaky boobs – hasn’t happened yet
  • Hemorrhoids(!) – thankfully no! Lord praise the kiwi!
  • Stretch marks – none so far – w00p

I don’t know if it’s pure genetics, sheer luck, or if I was actually in decent shape strength wise before this, but either way, with my mum’s nightmare stories, I’m so extremely thankful that it’s going so well. Just figured I should write this down in case it all goes to shit in the last two months. So that I will remember that it was actually not so bad for most of it!

Week 29 – Day 2

On the train back from Cologne and I’m so tired, but can’t seem to sleep. It’s been a really great weekend, but with two late nights, lots of walking around and getting woken up by the fire alarm and having to evacuate this morning… It has definitely taken its toll.

And I really miss Dave, and being at home in our bed, and on our sofa. And I really don’t want to get up for work tomorrow. 

Three day week though, and then Dublin and my last trip before I’m consigned to Amsterdam. I feel it’s a good time to stop. In my heart I still want to squeeze in a London trip, but time is running out and my head tells me that I’ll thank myself and feels very sensible for staying in one place after this. 

Week 29 – Day 0

So I hadn’t actually noticed it that much, but when I look at this weeks’ bump pic there actually quite a bit of difference from two weeks ago! IMG-2158

Very much bigger now! And although I hadn’t thought much about it, I really am getting more tired. This morning I got the lift in work to go up one floor, something I have NEVER done before… all because when I walked up yesterday I was panting like someone how hasn’t moved around for 20 years. Crazy!

I’m also really starting to miss my normal clothes. I can’t say that I’m super fashion focused, but now with all the nice new things out in the shops for fall I really want to treat myself, and I know there’s no point :/ so feeling just a bit out of the loop.

Officially we’ve entered the 30th week, and I can’t believe it can be as little as 2 months left before she’s reasonably here. I can’t begin to imagine how much it will all change.

Week 28 – Day 6

Dave is off to Zurich for work from this morning til Monday, and I get a night in to myself (well, and the baby). Not got anything planned yet, but think I will just take it easy. Then I’m off to Cologne tomorrow after work to see Yuval and Ana!

Baby is kicking like crazy these days. It’s almost non-stop. A tad annoying, but also very nice to know that she’s there. After this week we will start with more frequent visits and check-ups. I hope she stays in there for a bit longer, but really want to meet her now!