Week 35 – Day 4

One month left! Three days left in work!

I had the most lovely weekend 🙂 It was Dave’s birthday on Saturday, but he had organised a surprise baby shower! I knew something was going on cause he’s been very inconsistent and slippery with answers about his birthday, but when I saw all the people there, and Orsi all the way from London, I got proper teary and overwhelmed! It was so nice to see everyone, and we got some brilliant stuff too! Super happy and very thankful ❤ Then on the Sunday we took the boat out and just chilled and enjoyed the awesome October weather!

Today though, I feel absolutely knackered and dead. Haha, must be the long days and late nights that have caught up with me. Gonna take it easy today, skip my Dutch class, and just relax this evening.

Tomorrow we go into month 9, and the last month of this pregnancy. It’s gone so fast up til now, but I have a feeling that once I go one leave, time will slow down a a bit. And once we have sorted through all the things we need to do, it’s just a waiting game!


Week 35 – Day 1

34 days to go! Pram is here, car seat is ordered! Just the final stuff for the hospital bag and making sure the cot is the correct height and then we’re ready!

Spoke to Cris a couple of days ago who’s has a slightly less straight forward pregnancy than me. She’s getting induced on the 27th. THAT’S TWO WEEKS! It really hit me then that it’s very very soon. And then we will have babies and no longer be pregnant, and everything will be different. Shit is getting very very real indeed.


Some very good news we had is that she’s already engaged head down into my pelvis which makes it extremely unlikely for her to turn the wrong way. Technically she still has enough space to turn until about next week, but hopefully she’ll stay where she is which is the correct way.

Week 34 – Day 5

Allow me to brag for one post (with the hopes that I’n not jinxing the rest of my pregnancy or the actual delivery). My midwife today described me as the “textbook pregnancy”. Steady growth, solid hear beat, no fluctuation of my blood pressure, minimal side effects. She showed me to box where they normally keep comments of additional tests that might be required, or stuff that’s going on with the mother. In my box it only says “English speaker”.

There, I’ve had my little moment in the sun where I’m immensely proud of how my body is doing! Now I hope that it will keep doing good for the next month and see me through a birth that’s perfectly painless and results in no damage! One can dream right :p

No, in all honesty, I know exactly how much it’s down to luck, and I am incredibly happy that this has gone so well, and I really don’t take it for granted at all. As time runs out I hope more and more, that I’m mentally prepared enough to face whatever comes at the end of this. And I hope that I can take the unpredictability as it comes, and go with the flow as it happens.

Week 34 – Day 4

I read an interesting fact today… My uterus is 1000 times bigger now than what it was at conception! 1000 TIMES!!!! This is insane!

Anyway… the pram problem was not solved this weekend, but we did end up finding one online that we have ordered and it’s been dispatched! I’m not going to fully celebrate until I have it in my possession, but it’s one step closer. And we know which car seat to buy now, which also feels like a big win.

Another thing I read that I hadn’t really thought of at all is that it could be a good idea to start making more food than we need, and freeze stuff, so that once she’s here, we can just take stuff out of the freezer and heat up for us. Seeing as cooking might not be a top priority at the start. Or, just ask every single visitor to bring take away for us 🙂

In the spirit of making life easier, we got a cleaner in the weekend, and my only thought after was why have we not done this earlier?! It’s so nice to come home to a clean flat. And she mopped the floors which is something we never do, and it was just so clean!! Definitely keeping this perk until further notice!

I’m counting down the days I have left to work, 8 including today! Feels like very little, but I wish it was here already.

Week 34 – Day 2

40 days left until due date!! Pram-gate might have come to an end with a woman in Rotterdam selling one that’s never used. Please let us be able to get this sorted so we can tick it off the list already. I’m so sick of prawns already… bet she’s gonna hate lying in it anyway. 

Yesterday at dinner she was properly pushing my ribs outwards. It hurts. I think she’s now actually filling up the entire space in the womb and it’s getting very tight. 

I randomly started calling her “trollet”. That’s the troll in Swedish. Not like a big evil mean trolley, but a small cheeky mischevious one. I have a really old carved out troll in my room back home at my parents… and under it it says: Ut i varje sinne, finns ett troll längst därinne. Not quite sure how to translate “sinne” it’s sort of the like soul/essence of a person  and the quote says that deep down in everyone there’s a little troll lurking… sort of. Meh, it works in Swedish. Anyway, enough about trolls. Here’s the bump! Plus Dave! 

Week 33 – Day 6

The stresses of a car seat… I had no idea! After yesterday’s prenatal class it became clear that we NEED a car seat for the baby to take her home from hospital. I thought a good backup would be to put her in the pram and walk home, but apparently I can’t expect to be able to walk more than 100 m after the birth.

We had been talking about getting one anyway, as we do rent a car once or twice a month, and we like road-trips and stuff. So we decided to start looking yesterday… daym what a jungle! I figured the EU would have this sorted with one safety regulation that ALL car seat manufacturers had to abide by… But no, that would make life far too easy! Turns out that there are two regulations that run in parallel, a some car seats are compatible both ways and others are not. And some cars take both types and some don’t. And one of them is newer so fewer options in terms of cars, but the older one will be discontinued soon, so won’t be legal in a couple of years. And do you need a base with it or not? And does it fit on the pram or not? And will it fit in cars we rent or not? And the list of questions goes on.

Just like with the pram I really wish there was a website called thisisthecarsetaforyou.com ! Life would be good then. For now, there seems to be a million more things I need to read about and learn and make decisions about, and I just don’t want to!

Week 33 – Day 4

Mondays no longer feel like Mondays cause of the working from home. It’s really nice actually, and I get way more stuff done, plus can run all the errands that seem to appear out of nowhere.

The weekend gone was a bit of an adventure. I had planned on meeting up with a friend who’s also preggo but lives in Rotterdam. She was coming to to Amsterdam for lunch, and unlike usual, we had just said a tram stop to meet, and she would text me when she got on the tram. Usually we set a defined time and location. Anyway, me and Dave were strolling around in the area where we were supposed to meet, and as time approaches I don’t get a text off her. I think that maybe the train was late, or she’s taking a bit longer finding the tram cause she’s pregnant. But once it’s been 20 minutes I message her saying we’ll wait in the restaurant, as it’s raining out, and I send her the exact location. The message is undelivered… I start worrying a bit, but still on the logical side of things. Maybe her battery ran out and she’s gone to find a place to charge it. Anyway, time passes and no word, I call and it goes through to voicemail. It’s now about an hour after we were supposed to meet and there’s no sign of here. I start to get really worried. Dave mentions that I should check facebook…. and when I do I see that she’s written a message on my wall, that her phone has just completely died and to meet her outside the station instead. This was an hour earlier! I don’t have the facebook app installed on my phone so have to log on via a browser to check it, and don’t get notifications. After rushing, and her waiting more than an hour in the rain we finally found each other, but it really dawned on my how helpless we are without phones.

Even if you can borrow someone else’s phone, I wouldn’t know any phone numbers off by heart. And if you facebook them, what are the odds that they will check it or see it quickly. Either way the lesson learned from Saturday was to write down essential phone numbers on a piece of paper! Especially in times like these when it might become very urgent to be able to reach someone quickly!