Week 39 – Day 6

Every website I read, women say “you just know” when labour is about to start. Well… nothing is happening. My body feels tired, moving and turning around is getting harder and my insides are hurting more frequently from her pushing things around. But no signs of labour. No contractions, no water breaking, no loss of mucus plug… The thought that this could go on for another two weeks is really starting to play on my mind. I want to go to the Swedish Christmas market in Rotterdam next weekend. I want mulled wine. I want to eat the paté that I bought.

Need to keep repeating certain mantras to myself, not unlike marathon running. One day/kilometre at the time. Every day/step is closer to the baby/finish line. Breaking things down into manageable chunks works too, I mean, one day is doable, I’ve done one day before… But daym this is getting exhausting, and I haven’t actually gone over (yet!).

Anyhow, odds… which are most likely a bunch of lies to distract pregnant women anyway:

  • Odds of going into labour today: 5.22%
  • In the next three days: 16.15%
  • By this time next week: 39.54%

Only just under 40% chance by this time next week?!?! WTF, that’s not even half!!



Week 39 – Day 4

This is supposed to be the week. 3 days to go until due date. THREE DAYS. I’m still reading in to every sign, but to be honest most things feel the same. There’s no particular inkling that she’s on the way. Our next midwife appointment is on Friday, by which time we will be officially overdue, and we will start talking about how long to wait, and different options for afterwards, in case nothing happens spontaneously.

For now, these are supposedly the odds:

  • Chance of going in to labour today: 4.41%
  • In the next three days: 13.74%
  • By this time next week: 34.7%

We managed to get out to ikea yesterday! Stocked up on Christmas decorations, and loads of goodies for the hospital bag! Very ready now! So I do hope that this gets going soon, from what I’ve read, induced deliveries are less than ideal i terms of your body coping with the pain…

Week 39 – Day 1

We’re into the last week. 6 days til due date! My body feels different, but I don’t know if it’s in my head cause I’m overanalysing everything, or if it actually IS different. My joints have been “looser” and I got a trapped nerve in my right arm yesterday. This morning I woke up feeling like I had been for a full body workout, with all my muscles aching. I read that having those flue like stiff and achy body feelings without the other symptoms could be a sign that labour will happen soon. Then again, if you google enough, anything could be as sign!

We didn’t make it to IKEA last weekend, so will try again tomorrow. Maybe some meatballs can get her going?

The odds now are:

  • Probability of going into labour today: 3.46%
  • In the next three days: 10.85%
  • By this time next week: 27.47%

Every day I’m getting on with little bits. Still working on my sewing project. Going outside for little walks, tidying up bits at home (under the bed is next), and generally quite enjoying having this time off.

Really can’t wait for her to get here now!

Week 38 – Day 6

8 days left… haha the start of every post now, an eternal countdown. Had a regular check up with the midwife this morning. Everything is looking normal. My blood pressure has gone up a bit, which they say is normal towards the end of the pregnancy, and it’s still within the acceptable range, so nothing to worry about. It has resulted in my hands swelling though. I know it’s common as well in pregnancy, but it’s only just happened in the last week, so I was sort of expecting to get away without it hitting me. Guess I can’t escape everything. So got my little sausage fingers now and am struggling to make fists.

Probability stats today:

  • Odds of going into labour today: 2.95%
  • In the next three days: 9.29%
  • By this time next week: 23.77%

Booked in another appointment as well with the midwife, for next Friday, so if I go over that is. In which case we will talk about the different options and how long to wait etc. Kind of hoping it won’t come to that, but we’ll see!

Week 38 – Day 4

10 days left. I hope she comes this weekend, but think I can last just over 2 weeks if I have to. Stats today:

  • Odds of going in to labour today: 2.51%
  • In the next three days: 7.96%
  • By this time next week: 20.56%

We didn’t make it out to IKEA this weekend. Time ran over and it would have gotten too stressful. Maybe one evening after work will be better, they’re open til 10 pm every weekday, so that should work. What we did manage to do though is get all the fabrics I need for my sewing project, which I will start today!

My cold/cough is pretty much gone, but the ribs are not fully recovering. Maybe they won’t considering she’s constantly pushing on them from the inside as well. Her movements in the last week have gotten quite ruthless actually. It feels like she’s about to break me…

Week 38 – Day 1

One tab that’s now constantly open on my browser is the “labour probability calculator”. It updates everyday… Talk about impatient.

  • Probability of going into labour today: 1.97%
  • In the next three days: 6.29%
  • By this time next week: 16.5%

According to my app I have 13 days to go (so mentally planning for 18, and have absolutely no clue how I will cope if it’s longer than that!). An upside is that I feel almost completely recovered from this virus/chest/rib thingy. Had a minor setback after I decided to go outside on Tuesday, being overly optimistic as usual. But yeah, I think this weekend we can venture out and get some bits done.

I realised that I’ll have to get Christmas decorations before she’s out, so that we can “pynta” once she’s here. So hoping for an IKEA trip this weekend, which means I can also fill up the hospital back with pick n mix!


At this point I don’t think I’m getting much bigger. The belly changes every day depending on how she’s sitting in there. Weight has pretty much plateaued in the last couple of weeks as well.

Week 37 – Day 5

I’m so fed up… The two or three weeks left feel like an eternity. I’m googling natural ways to induce labour, but it’s all old wives tales. Once my ribs aren’t hurting anymore I’ll start trying the different things to get this baby out. At the same time I don’t really feel ready yet. There are still things I want to finish before she comes, but can’t do right now because of this imposed rest to heal period. It’s driving me mental. Maybe tomorrow I can go outside..? Maybe…