Week 38 – Day 6

8 days left… haha the start of every post now, an eternal countdown. Had a regular check up with the midwife this morning. Everything is looking normal. My blood pressure has gone up a bit, which they say is normal towards the end of the pregnancy, and it’s still within the acceptable range, so nothing to worry about. It has resulted in my hands swelling though. I know it’s common as well in pregnancy, but it’s only just happened in the last week, so I was sort of expecting to get away without it hitting me. Guess I can’t escape everything. So got my little sausage fingers now and am struggling to make fists.

Probability stats today:

  • Odds of going into labour today: 2.95%
  • In the next three days: 9.29%
  • By this time next week: 23.77%

Booked in another appointment as well with the midwife, for next Friday, so if I go over that is. In which case we will talk about the different options and how long to wait etc. Kind of hoping it won’t come to that, but we’ll see!


Week 38 – Day 4

10 days left. I hope she comes this weekend, but think I can last just over 2 weeks if I have to. Stats today:

  • Odds of going in to labour today: 2.51%
  • In the next three days: 7.96%
  • By this time next week: 20.56%

We didn’t make it out to IKEA this weekend. Time ran over and it would have gotten too stressful. Maybe one evening after work will be better, they’re open til 10 pm every weekday, so that should work. What we did manage to do though is get all the fabrics I need for my sewing project, which I will start today!

My cold/cough is pretty much gone, but the ribs are not fully recovering. Maybe they won’t considering she’s constantly pushing on them from the inside as well. Her movements in the last week have gotten quite ruthless actually. It feels like she’s about to break me…

Week 38 – Day 1

One tab that’s now constantly open on my browser is the “labour probability calculator”. It updates everyday… Talk about impatient.

  • Probability of going into labour today: 1.97%
  • In the next three days: 6.29%
  • By this time next week: 16.5%

According to my app I have 13 days to go (so mentally planning for 18, and have absolutely no clue how I will cope if it’s longer than that!). An upside is that I feel almost completely recovered from this virus/chest/rib thingy. Had a minor setback after I decided to go outside on Tuesday, being overly optimistic as usual. But yeah, I think this weekend we can venture out and get some bits done.

I realised that I’ll have to get Christmas decorations before she’s out, so that we can “pynta” once she’s here. So hoping for an IKEA trip this weekend, which means I can also fill up the hospital back with pick n mix!


At this point I don’t think I’m getting much bigger. The belly changes every day depending on how she’s sitting in there. Weight has pretty much plateaued in the last couple of weeks as well.

Week 37 – Day 5

I’m so fed up… The two or three weeks left feel like an eternity. I’m googling natural ways to induce labour, but it’s all old wives tales. Once my ribs aren’t hurting anymore I’ll start trying the different things to get this baby out. At the same time I don’t really feel ready yet. There are still things I want to finish before she comes, but can’t do right now because of this imposed rest to heal period. It’s driving me mental. Maybe tomorrow I can go outside..? Maybe…

Week 37 – Day 4

These last 10 days have been trying. First the cough and fever and hospital. Then this weekend, as the cough has been persistent, the left side of my ribcage has become completely inflamed. Every movement hurts. We’ve been in Germany over the weekend which has been very lovely, but probably not the best thing to do in terms of resting and healing.

This week I really need to do nothing at all. I can’t even imagine the pain of going into labour if this hasn’t healed yet. Went to the doctors again, but because I’m so far along in the pregnancy, there is nothing at all they can give me to reduce the pain or the inflammation. It’s literally a matter of move and use my muscles as little as possible. Of course it doesn’t help that I’m still coughing a bit, and every time I do it feels like lots of little knives stabbing my ribs.

This pregnancy really has been great in terms of how easy it’s been, and although what’s happening now is not really to do with the pregnancy, it really sucks that it’s made me feel so weak and as if my body can’t manage as well as usual.

Week 36 – Day 6

Normally I recover from a cold within a couple of days. I feel like all I’m doing is sitting at home, coughing. My nose dripping all over the place. I should be (a little) grateful that the fever was only one day and that the baby is fine, but it feels like each day like this is dragging on forever.

I’ve been out and about doing some bits here and there, which probably isn’t helping the recovery… Should just stay in all day and rest. Let the body do what it’s supposed to.

One week into my maternity leave. Well, it hasn’t been what I expected, considering I’ve spent most of it feeling like my body is failing me :/

22 days left according to my app, but the midwife said yesterday that most 1st babies come on 40 + 5 days, so setting my mental timer to prepare for 21st November which is 27 days from now. Still not so bad I guess, would make her a Sagittarius like me 🙂

Week 36 – Day 4

It’s been a bit of a roller coaster weekend here. I started getting a bit of a cough on Thursday, which had gotten a lot worse by Friday. I figured it must be a cold or whatever, but didn’t think much of it more than it was annoying. Then the night into Saturday I started having a really bad feeling about it all. I couldn’t sleep and was tossing and turning around, and I couldn’t feel the baby moving for ages. I started getting a fever, not a high one, but still enough to worry me more. From 4 to 6 am I was wide awake and the baby was totally still. They say if you don’t feel 10 movements in 2 hours to call it in. So we called the midwife at 6 am, who agreed it wasn’t great, but said to lie down again for another 2 hours and really focus on the movements. At 7.30 I gave up and called again. My fever was still at 38 degrees and I’d felt maybe 2 or 3 very small movements the whole morning.

The midwife rang up the hospital who told us to come in. Said and done. We were hooked up to a heart rate monitor for almost an hour, and although her heart was steady, she still wasn’t moving. The docs did a check with the ultrasound as well, and despite a lot of poking around we didn’t get any reactions out of her. They also said that it looked like I had less amniotic fluid than what they would normally expect.

Since her heartbeat was fine, we were sent home, and told to rest all day and come back 8 hours later. I spent the majority of the day in bed, dosing. By the time 5 pm came around I was feeling better, still a bit feverish, but no where near as bad as the morning. Baby had started moving a bit more again, but we decided to still go in, just to make sure. By the time we got there, and they hooked us up again, she was pretty much back to normal, and they concluded that her being still must just have been an effect of me being low in energy.

So all good in the end, but very scary though, and it really hit home that I will spend the rest of my life worrying about whether she’s ok or not.

Another thing I found out today, is that both the NHS and the GGD (the NL equivalent) recommend pregnant mothers getting vaccinated for whooping cough at between 28-32 weeks pregnancy. Something my midwife has completely not mentioned at all. Extremely annoyed that we haven’t received this information until now, and thorough talking to other pregnant people as well, and googling ourselves. I know the Dutch are super relaxed about all this, but I’d expect to get informed about standard recommendations at least! Or is that too much to ask?