Week 17 – Day 0

Such a busy week in work, barely even realised it was Friday! But the weekend is well needed. Really not much to report on at all in terms of Justin… everything is ticking on as usual, 2nd trimester bliss as they say!

Week 16 – Day 4

I ate sushi yesterday, more importantly a piece of raw salmon. It was delicious. And I’m still alive! I’m still genuinely confused about the guidelines for all the food. There seems to be a website that supports whatever view you wish to adopt at the time. Anyway, I read that they stuff that’s dangerous in raw fish actually makes adults ill too, and seeing as I’ve never been sick from sushi, not in general, and also not from this place, I decided to go for it.

Overall I think that food hygiene and food safety in Europe is pretty good, and the odds that you consume something that would give you a bug is so small. Plus any sushi restaurant that continually made people sick would have surely been shut down or at least have horrible reviews.

I know I went into this with the “better safe than sorry” approach… and that does still hold true to an extent. But at the same time, all the advice on “forbidden” food seems to assume that we are completely inept when it comes to weighing up risks ourselves, and so just tells us to exclude everything. And when I ask myself “when is the last time someone I knew got salmonella from eating a soft boiled egg, or a stomach bug from sushi, or a slice of salami…” it gives a much better feel for the actual risks involved. I think I can have a a bit of all this and still come out alive (with a normal baby) *touch wood*.

Week 16 – Day 3

Another long weekend! The last one until Christmas… Or well, til maternity leave for me. I feel like these are well needed though. 

The belly goes up and down, it’s still more dependent on bloating than anything else! But I’m definitely feeling more of a bump underneath it all. 

I went to a pregnancy workout group on Saturday morning here in the park. Wasn’t quite sure what to expect from it but it was really nice to move around for a bit! I’m also horrified at how utterly weak I’ve become by not moving around for just three months :/ definitely need to keep this up! I mean, I want to be able to actually carry this baby once it’s out as well! Got killer workout aches now though!

Week 15 – Day 6

As of this morning I noticed for the first time that when i lie down on my back, my belly no longer flattens out completely. A little bump sticks out, a tiny bit, but still more than before! Still +0 on the scales though… really need to start with some strength stuff so that I’m not entirely feeble and weak when Justin gets here.

The mad dreams continue too. Last night I dreamed that all our food in the house was bug-infested. But in the dream it didn’t bother me, I was just calmly explaining to everyone else that this is how it is, and we just need to wash the food and get rid of the bugs before we cook and eat it…? Very strange, as there was a lot of them and they were crawling everywhere. Like if that happened in real life I would definitely not be that comfortable with it.

Week 15 – Day 5

My app says i’m 40% through this pregnancy!? What? Nothing has even happened yet!!! 40 is almost half?? Another 4 weeks and we’re counting down instead of up…

I’ve given myself a deadline of week 20 to at least have put together a well thought through list of things we need to get. At least we’ve cleared out the study so there’s more space in there now, but I feel like I need to get a bit more proactive about this. Ever since my panic in that baby shop I’ve been avoiding looking at brands of stuff, maybe it’s time to start?

I’ve also been having some strange dreams recently. Last night was about my belly growing, but not in the normal way, like it wasn’t rounded, but it just looked like the shape of a baby under my skin. Very gross…. And the other day I dreamed that the baby’s heartbeat took over mine, and that my heart was beating super fast all the time.

Week 15 – Day 3

The days and weeks keep coming and going. We’ve just come out of a four day weekend, and I’m easing myself back in by working from home. The weekend has been absolutely amazing and we got the balcony sorted and have basically spent all our time out there since Friday.

Bump wise I still feel like not much has happened…


Pretty same-y right? The one difference is that when i press down, I can now very much feel the outline of my uterus there. It’s definitely moved upwards, so the midwife says it’s only a matter of time before it starts moving outwards as well.

Another upside that I’ve noticed in the last couple of week is that my nails are crazy good right now! I normally bite them, but they’ve been so strong and grown so quickly, it’s amazing! Obviously I know it won’t last, but I’m definitely enjoying it while it’s here!


Week 15 – Day 0

Midwife meeting yesterday went really well! Got to hear the heartbeat which was unreal! I can safely say that it blows my mind every time I think about the fact that me and Dave made this whole new person AND that it’s currently growing inside of me. For so long I felt quite ambivalent about the whole thing, but now i feel that I really do care about this baby. I want it to be healthy and happy, and I think more and more about what it’ll be like once it’s here.

The heart sounded healthy and at a good pace, and we could hear the strange sound of the fluid in there when the baby moved around. We’re gonna schedule a 20 week scan in about a months time which will be the second and last time (if everything goes well) that we’ll get to see the baby before it’s born. Very exciting!

I’ve said this before but just want to write it again… I’m so so happy about how chilled the midwives here are. I’ve read horror stories about people being told they’re doing things wrong, not gaining enough, or gaining too much weight. Being told to take loads of supplements and do all these crazy things. And there absolutely nothing of that here. She hasn’t weighed me once since I registered, there’s been nothing else than “do you feel ok?”, “are you worried about anything?” and this has really help so much in giving me an extremely casual attitude about all this. With all the recommendations online, it’s really nice to have a trained voice of reason who tells me that it’s actually ok to just go with the flow, and if it feels ok, it’s probably ok. And that women have loads of different rules in different countries and it’s not gonna be the end of the world if you have some parma ham, or a sip of beer or a slightly pink steak.

Still feeling good with the body and all, and this long weekend is being spent pimping the balcony! Cleaned the whole thing + big summer clean of the flat yesterday. Today (in 10 minutes) we’re doing IKEA and garden centre trip, and we’re having people over for BBQ on Sunday. Then I’m hoping that the weather will allow me to spend the next 3 months chilling on the balcony!!