Week 10 – Day 3

I took the plunge yesterday while asos had a 20% discount on maternity clothes and ordered my first batch! Mainly tights (4 pairs) as I’ve got quite a few dresses and skirts that’ll work for a while still, and most of my current tights are “shaping” ones which is making me feel super uncomfortable right now. Then two shirts, sort of smart(ish) oversize ones, and a pair of jeans just to see how the fit works on me. Jeans have always been the nemesis of clothing items to buy. I guess I can always just send them back if they’re shit. I’m also not sure about the option over over vs. under bump waistbands… Gut feeling says over bump, how else will they stay up?? So that’s what I’ve gone with for now.

It’s quite interesting and a happy coincidence that I have a very close friend going through this at the same time, with almost the same timing! She has her scan tomorrow, and me on Friday, so can totally compare notes. We touched on the subject on what to do if one person turns out less fortunate. It’s a really tricky one, and even though I would like to think that I can separate one person’s misfortune from another ones happiness, it must be entirely different to be in a situation when something goes wrong, and your friend is having a great time. I think we agreed that if something was to go wrong (touch wood) as long as we’re respectful and listen to the persons needs, we should be open and honest. Scary to think about, and hopefully something that we’ll never have to deal with!