Week 25 – Day 3

I’ve had a really nice weekend with just the right amount of activities, although the hormones and mood has still been a bit up and down. On Saturday we drove down to Rotterdam for a friends housewarming. I didn’t know very many of the people there but we’re definitely entering another era of life, there were 4 babies under 6 months there, and another person who’s pregnant. It was quite a lot to take in and a lot of baby talk, and I felt completely overwhelmed in the evening. On the upside it’s nice to see how couples with such young babies are still going round to peoples houses and socialising and having a good time.

I had another little dip that evening about how different everything will be, and how I’m scared of losing myself, and ourselves as a couple. I guess there is no way I can actually prepare for this though, so need to just accept that change will happen, and take it as it comes.

We also planned the logistics a bit for the start of next year. There are so many people I want to get around to and and see and introduce the baby to! Not sure how tiring it’ll be to travel a lot, but I’m sure as hell am gonna try to make the most of it.

Yesterday we headed out to the imax to see Dunkirk which everyone’s been raving about. It was really different for a war film, but really good. Cried a lot as usual, but these day’s I can’t tell if it’s because I was genuinely affected by it, or cause of the hormones!