Week 27 – Day 5

This morning my lower back has been really hurting. I’ve had little twitches on and off for a couple of weeks, but today I actually had to take some pain killers just to sit up at work without being in pain. I’m guessing it’s not exactly something that will just go away, but maybe I’ll try to book in a preggo massage. Or what Dave suggested which is to start using shoes with better support. Not a bad idea really since I mostly walk around in my converse which are just completely flat.

I’m currently on around +6 / 7 kg still but I can really feel it pushing on my back, and when I lay down as well it’s as if the belly is pulling my whole body downward. I know I said in the beginning that I’m not sure what to do with a month off work before the baby comes, but I’m actually really looking forward to it now. 8 more weeks of working!

Week 18 – Day 4

Let’s do a little summary bulletin:

  • I put on weight! Finally! One whole kilo
  • I’m meeting a fellow pregnant person for a coffee next week. Mixed feelings about this, but keeping an open mind
  • Still not feeling any movement in there
  • Still undecided about finding out the gender, but got two weeks to make up my mind
  • Lower back pain plus tailbone(!) ache is becoming more prominent
  • My gag reflex is super sensitive… like brushing my teeth and having the toothbrush too far in my mouth makes me want to throw up

Week 11 – Day 3

The long weekends that’s just passed was so nice. Really struggled to get up this morning, and this will be the first 5 day week in ages! I know, I know, people work 5 days a week…. It’s not a big deal.

I totally forgot to take a picture yesterday, so it’ll have to wait until next week. I did weigh myself though, ans still no weight gain?! It doesn’t add up. I can definitely not fit into my old jeans anymore, so I must have just expanded? The stuff I got off asos was good 🙂 need to exchange the jeans though as they are huge! and the tights I reckon will work better once the bump is bigger, as they’re currently just sort of sliding down all the time.

It’s been quite an active long weekend with lots of walking around, mainly casue of King’s Day, and I started noticing that I can really feel it in my lower back, and hip joints after a while. An effect of the pregnancy hormone I suppose, as it loosens up all your joints in preparation for birth! Fun times.