Week 12 – Day 3

I’m feeling so shit right now. Had a lovely weekend in Cologne but a build up of constipation (soz for too much info), eating too much and a cold means that I’m super bloated and in pain 😦

Apparently this happens to around half of pregnant women, so I need to make some diet changes to sort this out. But let’s do a bump pic anyway. I don’t think it’s grown much at all and attribute the tightness of clothes mainly to the epic bloatedness.

Right now I’m sort of wanting it to start showing as it might free up some stomach space if the uterus actually moves forward instead.


Week 10 – Day 0

Over 25% of the way through! I still haven’t been sick since last weekend, but that uncomfortable feeling after eating is sticking around… I had to stay home from work on Friday out of pure tiredness. Can’t wait to tell work so I can stop pretending. So happy that next week is another three day week 🙂 

As for Justin, I don’t think he’s visible still. I feel bloated but really don’t know if it’s actual bump or not. 

Pretty similar to last week no? And weight is pretty much the same, maybe plus half a kilo but it feels like plus 5 when I put my clothes on. Might go out and have a look for some more tummy friendly stuff today.