Week 34 – Day 5

Allow me to brag for one post (with the hopes that I’n not jinxing the rest of my pregnancy or the actual delivery). My midwife today described me as the “textbook pregnancy”. Steady growth, solid hear beat, no fluctuation of my blood pressure, minimal side effects. She showed me to box where they normally keep comments of additional tests that might be required, or stuff that’s going on with the mother. In my box it only says “English speaker”.

There, I’ve had my little moment in the sun where I’m immensely proud of how my body is doing! Now I hope that it will keep doing good for the next month and see me through a birth that’s perfectly painless and results in no damage! One can dream right :p

No, in all honesty, I know exactly how much it’s down to luck, and I am incredibly happy that this has gone so well, and I really don’t take it for granted at all. As time runs out I hope more and more, that I’m mentally prepared enough to face whatever comes at the end of this. And I hope that I can take the unpredictability as it comes, and go with the flow as it happens.


Week 10 – Day 5

It’s strange how I doubt my body… The ultrasound is later today and I’m still sat here thinking “I hope there’s something actually in there and I haven’t just imagined all this”. Have to rationally remind myself that I haven’t had a period since January and I’ve had morning sickness and I can actually now feel my uterus if u push down at the bottom of my stomach. Plus I’ve had no signs of miscarriage so the most likely and logical conclusion is that there’s something in there! But it still doesn’t feel real… I’ll report back on this feeling after the scan.

On another positive note, I think I’m out of the morning sickness and nausea jungle! Haven’t vomited in two weeks and no longer feel constantly nauseous and uncomfortable!