Week 27 – Day 0

We’re well and truly 3rd trimestering! 90 days to go, and a lot of stuff is suddenly happening.

  • In the next 4 weeks, there’s serious growth spurt happening, where she properly fattens up!
  • She dreams! and has a consciousness! Like a real person
  • If she’s born premature now, the chances that she survives with no lasting damages is very high πŸ™‚ so a little relief there.
  • From my next appointment at the midwife the visits will be more frequent, and they will do another blood test.

Dave’s away this weekend, so I’ve got three days to myself. Not quite sure what I’ll get up to yet, but if I’m as tired as I have been the last two days, I’m guessing not much… Then next weekend it’s Liverpool!! Where I’ll get to see Cris and her bump ❀

I think this week’s bump looks pretty similar to previous ones, but I’m expecting a faster pace of change over the next month! I’m really happy that I haven’t had to buy any maternity clothes yet (besides the two pairs of jeans) but I reckon that will change very soon. Most of my tops don’t cover the bottom of my bell anymore :/


Week 25 – Day 0

I know I say this every week but daym time is flying! 

I feel significantly heavier, think I’m on +6 kg by now and my lower back is noticing! Lying in bed for too long in the morning is no longer nice and on the sofa I need an extra back support pillow to be  comfortable.

We’re going camping next weekend and I really wonder how my body will cope with two nights on a camping mattress! Will be fun though for sure πŸ™‚

The last week there’s been a lot of news and changed to my little world here and in my emotional state they have been tricky to accept, but all will be good and change is usually not the end of the world! 

Week 24 – Day 2

It feels like a lot has happened since last week’s bump picture! There’s a proper belly now! 

Being home has been super chill and the week has gone by way too fast. But we’ve got some useful things done, like figuring out which pram to get! Tried a bunch in the shop here, actually the weight and seeing how they fold in real life. 

Plus with all the stuff from my mum we’ve made a bit of a dent in that list! 

Week 23 – Day 1

Gong to MalmΓΆ on Monday and I’m so excited! Have no clue why I would have booked a Monday afternoon flight rather than today, but oh well. A quick little update and bump pic for today I think πŸ™‚


Check me out, proper little bump! Some evenings mu stomach feels so stretched I honestly don’t know how it’s supposed to grow more. But I’m sure I’ll look back at this thinking that I’m tiny right now in comparison. So what’s happening?

  • Rash is spreading… and itching like crazy! Gonna call the docs on Monday and see if I can get a same day appointment, and hopefully some hydrocortisone cream prescribed. I just keep itching it :/
  • For the first time yesterday I felt really really tired from walking for 10 minutes. Not in pain or uncomfortable, just out of breath…
  • Made a more comprehensive list that my old one, and actually started researching all the things to see if we need them need them or if it’s just an item that consumerism is trying to sell us. There are surprisingly many useless things out there that are labelled as a “must have”.
  • I feel like I look awful with clothes on, but awesome in underwear or naked! Wish I could just walk around with no clothes all the time πŸ™‚

Week 22 – Day 0

New week, and let’s start off with a little bump pic update seeing as it’s been a while. 

There’s a bit more there right? I can definitely feel more than before. Some days it’s a soft drumming and last night was like kicking and punching for dear life. Even Dave got some really good kicks! 

We had another check up and everything seems to be developing good! I really really hope that it just continues to go well. We signed up to pre-natal classes as well starting early September! Not quite sure what to expect from that but will keep an open mind. 

On a more annoying note, the rash on my legs is being very stubborn? Sort of settling down and coming back again all the time… Not sure what’s causing it still or what to do about it :/

Week 19 – Day 3

Those comments that pregnant people talk about getting, they’ve started… The way people assume that they are free to talk about your body is quite disturbing. I was at a BBQ with work colleagues this weekend, and there were three other women there who are also expecting. All of them are between 14-18 weeks along (so less than me), and all of them are showing more than me. So the comments on how little I’m showing, and questions about how far along I am, combined with the fact that I can’t feel the baby yet, has now gotten me into this worried frame of mind 😦 like is the baby developing correctly? Is it smaller than normal and why can’t a feel it. Logically and rationally I know that everyone develops at different paces, and that it’s all perfectly normal. I mean, I’ve had no pain that would indicate that something has gone wrong… but still I can feel myself stressing about it… Really can’t wait til the next scan now just to get some reassurance. Anyway, here’s another week of non-existent bump.


Week 18 – Day 3

We’re steadily approaching the half way mark. My app says we’re 46.5% done with baking the baby!

This weekend was really super fun with Orsi and Anna over visiting! So so nice to hang out and catch up, but I can really feel the effect today! Almost falling asleep in work!!

The heat is also contributing I think to the very tired and lethargic feeling I’m having. Shame I have so much to do, so I can’t really take it easy… But on the upside it’s only a week and a bit til I get a mini break!

This week’s bump:Β 

Fairly unchanged I think? I’m gonna get Dave to take some nicer pictures every couple of weeks from now that we can have to look back at afterwards!