Week 38 – Day 1

One tab that’s now constantly open on my browser is the “labour probability calculator”. It updates everyday… Talk about impatient.

  • Probability of going into labour today: 1.97%
  • In the next three days: 6.29%
  • By this time next week: 16.5%

According to my app I have 13 days to go (so mentally planning for 18, and have absolutely no clue how I will cope if it’s longer than that!). An upside is that I feel almost completely recovered from this virus/chest/rib thingy. Had a minor setback after I decided to go outside on Tuesday, being overly optimistic as usual. But yeah, I think this weekend we can venture out and get some bits done.

I realised that I’ll have to get Christmas decorations before she’s out, so that we can “pynta” once she’s here. So hoping for an IKEA trip this weekend, which means I can also fill up the hospital back with pick n mix!


At this point I don’t think I’m getting much bigger. The belly changes every day depending on how she’s sitting in there. Weight has pretty much plateaued in the last couple of weeks as well.


Week 36 – Day 1

It’s getting so close now. 27 days til due date. And after this week, the chances of going into labour go up significantly with every day. The first one out of our pre-natal course gave birth, 10 days early. I still haven’t got my head around the fact that there will be another person here. Just in bed this morning I was trying to picture a baby lying next to me, and I just can’t see it. It seems so unrealistic.


I don’t think my tummy has gotten much bigger in the last couple of weeks. It feels bigger from the inside, but it looks kind of similar. Except maybe it’s hanging down a bit more…

My maternity leave has properly started and I’m taking it easy. Pottering around the house, and doing little bits here and there. This week it’s only two days which I think will be a good start, cause then I have the weekend with Dave around. Will have to see how it goes next week when I have a full 5 days of doing nothing.

Week 35 – Day 1

34 days to go! Pram is here, car seat is ordered! Just the final stuff for the hospital bag and making sure the cot is the correct height and then we’re ready!

Spoke to Cris a couple of days ago who’s has a slightly less straight forward pregnancy than me. She’s getting induced on the 27th. THAT’S TWO WEEKS! It really hit me then that it’s very very soon. And then we will have babies and no longer be pregnant, and everything will be different. Shit is getting very very real indeed.


Some very good news we had is that she’s already engaged head down into my pelvis which makes it extremely unlikely for her to turn the wrong way. Technically she still has enough space to turn until about next week, but hopefully she’ll stay where she is which is the correct way.

Week 34 – Day 2

40 days left until due date!! Pram-gate might have come to an end with a woman in Rotterdam selling one that’s never used. Please let us be able to get this sorted so we can tick it off the list already. I’m so sick of prawns already… bet she’s gonna hate lying in it anyway. 

Yesterday at dinner she was properly pushing my ribs outwards. It hurts. I think she’s now actually filling up the entire space in the womb and it’s getting very tight. 

I randomly started calling her “trollet”. That’s the troll in Swedish. Not like a big evil mean trolley, but a small cheeky mischevious one. I have a really old carved out troll in my room back home at my parents… and under it it says: Ut i varje sinne, finns ett troll längst därinne. Not quite sure how to translate “sinne” it’s sort of the like soul/essence of a person  and the quote says that deep down in everyone there’s a little troll lurking… sort of. Meh, it works in Swedish. Anyway, enough about trolls. Here’s the bump! Plus Dave! 

Week 33 – Day 1

Started the day with an hour of pregnancy massage, best thing ever. As the achy back has been getting more noticeable this massage is really nice at just loosening everything up again. Cycled to work afterwards feeling like a brand new person. Got the next one booked for when I start my maternity leave to make sure it kicks off nicely. 

So here’s the belly now! More and more it’s feeling tight in the evenings. Like there’s far too much in there and it shouldn’t actually fit. And more and more I’m realising that it’s gonna have to come out, one way or another. 

We were supposed to start discussing the birth plan with the midwife yesterday but decided to do it after we’ve finished the prenatal course so that we have all the info. Now the midwife appointments are every two weeks and I think after the next one it’ll be every week almost to monitor everything. So far everything still looks good. My blood pressure is super steady and the baby is growing like she should. So no concerns! 

Week 31 – Day 2

Busy weekend sorting out the flat and baby room! Got new shelves up in the living room which means the kallax unit in the old office is now empty and ready for drawers for the baby clothes and blankets and all other baby related things. 

Today a trip to IKEA is on the cards, and hopefully we’ll find everything we need 🙂 

The bump pic is from yesterday: 

I’m starting to reach the stage where for time to time I’m really feeling fed up and done with being preggo… Miss 85% of my wardrobe and buying new things and fitting in to normal size gaps. Two more months to go! 

Week 30 – Day 2

Waiting for the flight back from Dublin. Last flight this year. Last flight as not a mother. I have nothing against being just in one place when it’s my choice, but there are still so many things I want to plan in and do and now I actually can’t. 

My last post about how everything was easy backfired a bit! On Friday we went out for a meal and I massively over ate (and it was quite oily which didn’t help). Later that evening I kept burping up all the food into my mouth and I tried to speak at the same time so sort of choked on the half food half vomit :/ then as I was coughing loads I full on wee’d myself. Not just a little drizzle, but full on wet patch all over the crotch! Daym. 

Lessons learned: Do not over eat! It’s uncomfortable for hours afterwards, I end up burping up sick, and potentially choking on it. 

Anyway, here’s a delayed bump pic from Friday! The internet in the middle of nowhere in Ireland was really bad.

Less than six more weeks of work, and ten more weeks of this! Time to properly start nesting, so this week and next me and Dave will be aiming to get the baby room fully sorted!