Week 18 – Day 3

We’re steadily approaching the half way mark. My app says we’re 46.5% done with baking the baby!

This weekend was really super fun with Orsi and Anna over visiting! So so nice to hang out and catch up, but I can really feel the effect today! Almost falling asleep in work!!

The heat is also contributing I think to the very tired and lethargic feeling I’m having. Shame I have so much to do, so I can’t really take it easy… But on the upside it’s only a week and a bit til I get a mini break!

This week’s bump: 

Fairly unchanged I think? I’m gonna get Dave to take some nicer pictures every couple of weeks from now that we can have to look back at afterwards!

Week 17 – Day 3

The weekend got better yesterday, but still feel like Saturday was totally wasted.

Still no feelings of movement in there, but definitely a more noticeable bump!


Look at that! A proper round belly haha! Feeling just pretty chubby though, but hoping I’ll get used to it!

This week, and actually every week now until the end of summer will be really intense work wise. I really hope I can keep up with the pace… Hate it when I fall behind and then just get more stressed out about it.

Week 16 – Day 3

Another long weekend! The last one until Christmas… Or well, til maternity leave for me. I feel like these are well needed though. 

The belly goes up and down, it’s still more dependent on bloating than anything else! But I’m definitely feeling more of a bump underneath it all. 

I went to a pregnancy workout group on Saturday morning here in the park. Wasn’t quite sure what to expect from it but it was really nice to move around for a bit! I’m also horrified at how utterly weak I’ve become by not moving around for just three months :/ definitely need to keep this up! I mean, I want to be able to actually carry this baby once it’s out as well! Got killer workout aches now though!

Week 15 – Day 3

The days and weeks keep coming and going. We’ve just come out of a four day weekend, and I’m easing myself back in by working from home. The weekend has been absolutely amazing and we got the balcony sorted and have basically spent all our time out there since Friday.

Bump wise I still feel like not much has happened…


Pretty same-y right? The one difference is that when i press down, I can now very much feel the outline of my uterus there. It’s definitely moved upwards, so the midwife says it’s only a matter of time before it starts moving outwards as well.

Another upside that I’ve noticed in the last couple of week is that my nails are crazy good right now! I normally bite them, but they’ve been so strong and grown so quickly, it’s amazing! Obviously I know it won’t last, but I’m definitely enjoying it while it’s here!


Week 14 – Day 3

Hello Monday! Amsterdam has finally realised that it’s supposed to be summer! Goal for this week is to finish the balcony so we can properly hang there in the evenings 🙂 and with a 4 day weekend coming up there should be plenty of time to do it.

So what’s new on the bump front…? Not that much to be honest. I stopped weighing myself regularly cause nothing was happening, and when I last double checked I was still on +0 kg. Been googling some cause I was getting a bit worried but seems it’s totally normal and very individual.

Still not that much happening physically either… I don’t think anyway? The preggo jeans are awesome and let me breathe properly, but I think it’s more a general getting bigger rather than a distinct bump. So we’ll keep waiting! 

Week 13 – Day 3

I think I’m actually starting to look pregnant! I got my first pair of maternity jeans (sent back the ones from asos) and now that I’m comfy and nothing is pushing in my belly I can actually exhale which means there’s definitely a little bump showing!

I’ve been keeping to the smaller portions as well which is working a treat 🙂 feeling really good these days! 

Week 12 – Day 3

I’m feeling so shit right now. Had a lovely weekend in Cologne but a build up of constipation (soz for too much info), eating too much and a cold means that I’m super bloated and in pain 😦

Apparently this happens to around half of pregnant women, so I need to make some diet changes to sort this out. But let’s do a bump pic anyway. I don’t think it’s grown much at all and attribute the tightness of clothes mainly to the epic bloatedness.

Right now I’m sort of wanting it to start showing as it might free up some stomach space if the uterus actually moves forward instead.