Week 5 – Day 4

As expected the nausea returned. A complete repetition of earlier this week. One sip of tea, wall of sicky feels out of nowhere, instant vomiting, back to normal. If this is the extent of it, then I’m fine with that. In one way I’m relieved that it’s back (as it’s probably means that I’m still preggo). But on the other hand, it was quite nice not to be sick for two mornings.

I find that I’ve grown quite attached to Justin already. Still not in an overwhelming euphoria way that some people describe, with tears of joy and all that, but I care that he’s ok. I want him (obvs don’t know if it’s a boy, but there’s no gender neutral pronoun in English, and Justin kinda goes with him) to do well.

I’m going climbing again tonight. Went last week and was a tiny bit concerned about falling, but it went fine, and I figure he’s so tiny and my soft stomach provides plenty of natural cushioning that it shouldn’t have any impact. Will be interesting to see how my running/climbing continues though as this progresses.