Week 13 – Day 1

Small meals work! Been waking up the last couple of days feeling almost normal! Then last night I had a massive meal with lamb kebabs and I don’t feel so good today. I think it was the first time this week I had solid chunks of meat, I’ve just not been into it at all. I mean, I’ve had ham, and fish… but steak and burgers and big pieces make me feel not so great.

Tonight is Eurovision finals(!) which is super exciting 🙂 so gonna head out an watch that later! I also means that it’s been almost a year since we got married. Tomorrow to be exact. Absolutely mental!

Yesterday me and Dave walked into one of those megastores with baby/family stuff, and the whole time I’m just panicking. The amount of stuff they try to sell you! And the prices!! How will any of this stuff fit into our life? Fit into our flat and who we are as people? I’m happy that we both agree on the minimalist approach and are not going to buy “stuff” unless we feel we need it. But the whole experience of seeing everything did chock me a bit. Not to mention the fact that 90% of stuff is split into pink or blue… and I don’t mean the clothes, I mean cots, changing tables and all accessories that you “need”.

So far we’ve only for two onesies. A “classy” sailor one, and one with whales on! Keeping it cool for now.

PS. One of my apps tells me I’ve entered the 2nd trimester, aka the “easy trimester”, but my other app says that it’s not til next week… Let’s see if this week is easy or not.

Week 10 – Day 0

Over 25% of the way through! I still haven’t been sick since last weekend, but that uncomfortable feeling after eating is sticking around… I had to stay home from work on Friday out of pure tiredness. Can’t wait to tell work so I can stop pretending. So happy that next week is another three day week 🙂 

As for Justin, I don’t think he’s visible still. I feel bloated but really don’t know if it’s actual bump or not. 

Pretty similar to last week no? And weight is pretty much the same, maybe plus half a kilo but it feels like plus 5 when I put my clothes on. Might go out and have a look for some more tummy friendly stuff today.