Week 26 – Day 4

I had a strange dream last night about my boobs leaking haha. I’m guessing it’s perfectly normal, but it got me thinking that maybe I should start ticking off the section on my “to buy” list that concerns breastfeeding.

So far we’ve only got little bits off the list, and the biggest thing we got is the cot (which arrived yesterday, and sort of fits in the room, classic me to not measure first :/), but I still feel like it’s too soon… Technically there’s around 10 weeks left until she could come at any time, and in the back on my mind I’m still worried that something will go wrong, and then we’re just sat in a flat full of baby stuff. I know it both makes sense and doesn’t. It’s natural to be scared, but at the same time I’ve had such an easy pregnancy that if I don’t think about it, it’s like everything is completely normal.

I should probably just bite the bullet and get on with sorting stuff out.



Week 15 – Day 6

As of this morning I noticed for the first time that when i lie down on my back, my belly no longer flattens out completely. A little bump sticks out, a tiny bit, but still more than before! Still +0 on the scales though… really need to start with some strength stuff so that I’m not entirely feeble and weak when Justin gets here.

The mad dreams continue too. Last night I dreamed that all our food in the house was bug-infested. But in the dream it didn’t bother me, I was just calmly explaining to everyone else that this is how it is, and we just need to wash the food and get rid of the bugs before we cook and eat it…? Very strange, as there was a lot of them and they were crawling everywhere. Like if that happened in real life I would definitely not be that comfortable with it.

Week 15 – Day 5

My app says i’m 40% through this pregnancy!? What? Nothing has even happened yet!!! 40 is almost half?? Another 4 weeks and we’re counting down instead of up…

I’ve given myself a deadline of week 20 to at least have put together a well thought through list of things we need to get. At least we’ve cleared out the study so there’s more space in there now, but I feel like I need to get a bit more proactive about this. Ever since my panic in that baby shop I’ve been avoiding looking at brands of stuff, maybe it’s time to start?

I’ve also been having some strange dreams recently. Last night was about my belly growing, but not in the normal way, like it wasn’t rounded, but it just looked like the shape of a baby under my skin. Very gross…. And the other day I dreamed that the baby’s heartbeat took over mine, and that my heart was beating super fast all the time.

Week 9 – Day 4


  • Hello acid reflux! Everything I eat just sits in my throat, making me feel perpetually uncomfortable and burp-y.
  • Polo mints are my new BFF
  • The tiredness that’s hit me this week is beyond! After lunch in work all I want is a nap…
  • I’ve had really strange dreams recently. I can’t remember the exact content of them, but I remember that I’m very aggressive in them, pushing people away (physically), pushing objects off of tables and around… No idea what it means.
  • I haven’t been sick/vomited since Sunday (but probably jinxed it now)

I wonder how much longer I can keep this up in work, especially with King’s Day looming and everyone expecting me to be out and drinking! We’ve basically told friends and family now, and I’ve told a handful of people who work here (but not with me), who I’m friends with. But guess I’ll have to break the news to managers in the Hague, then here, then colleagues here. How do people hide this kind of stuff??