Week 16 – Day 3

Another long weekend! The last one until Christmas… Or well, til maternity leave for me. I feel like these are well needed though. 

The belly goes up and down, it’s still more dependent on bloating than anything else! But I’m definitely feeling more of a bump underneath it all. 

I went to a pregnancy workout group on Saturday morning here in the park. Wasn’t quite sure what to expect from it but it was really nice to move around for a bit! I’m also horrified at how utterly weak I’ve become by not moving around for just three months :/ definitely need to keep this up! I mean, I want to be able to actually carry this baby once it’s out as well! Got killer workout aches now though!


Week 14 – Day 5

Not much to write or update about cause everything is just sort of ticking along. Been a bit emotional with the Manchester attack… like more than usual and I’m guessing it’s due to hormones.

It also dawned on me that maybe the reason I haven’t put on weight is that I’ve been loosing muscle mass :/ I basically have not worked out at all in the last two months. What also hit me with this is that it’ll take F-O-R-E-V-E-R to rebuild the (little) strength I had before. Maybe I should try and do some more active stuff now that I’m feeling better again? A light job, or some basic body weights? But I have no clue how much is appropriate, or how hard I can push it…?

Week 7 – Day 4

I am tired all the time. The last couple of days I’ve struggled to stay awake until 9 pm, and in work I’m getting looks from people because of the constant yawning. I sort of wish I could just tell people so that I have a genuine excuse for not feeling on top all the time. I’m less social and I’m constantly trying to hide the fact that I feel sick. It’s exhausting. I just want to exhale, let my bloated tummy go, and tell people to fuck off.

I’m also getting increasingly uncomfortable in my clothes. Even wearing tights feels like it’s pushing inward too much. But I don’t want to buy pregnancy clothes yet… I think if it gets a bit warmer in the next week I can get away with loose dresses and no tights. That should work as an in between.

With all this tiredness and bloatedness I’ve been up for absolutely nothing. I come home from work, and all plans of easy run/yoga/strength etc. are quickly exchanged for sitting on sofa and falling asleep. Such a bad cycle, as I know that actually doing something will improve my energy.

Good things:

  • Two more days, then Paris 🙂 then family 🙂 which = 10 days of being around people who know!
  • One week until the first midwife meeting! I hope they combine it with the scan, so that I hopefully get a better sense of reality.

Week 5 – Day 5

This is going to sound insanely strange, but the skin on my head and face feels thinner and super sensitive? It’s sore as if someone has stretched it out… does that even make sense? Like, my face hurts when I touch it. So far I have kept myself form googling this phenomena, I’m convinced I don’t need to read more about what’s “normal” or not.

In other news, yesterday’s nausea seems to have been another one off. If the pattern is once every third morning then I can totally come to terms with that. Everything else is normal. Had a great climbing session yesterday, and planning my weekend run tomorrow as usual. All is good!

Week 5 – Day 4

As expected the nausea returned. A complete repetition of earlier this week. One sip of tea, wall of sicky feels out of nowhere, instant vomiting, back to normal. If this is the extent of it, then I’m fine with that. In one way I’m relieved that it’s back (as it’s probably means that I’m still preggo). But on the other hand, it was quite nice not to be sick for two mornings.

I find that I’ve grown quite attached to Justin already. Still not in an overwhelming euphoria way that some people describe, with tears of joy and all that, but I care that he’s ok. I want him (obvs don’t know if it’s a boy, but there’s no gender neutral pronoun in English, and Justin kinda goes with him) to do well.

I’m going climbing again tonight. Went last week and was a tiny bit concerned about falling, but it went fine, and I figure he’s so tiny and my soft stomach provides plenty of natural cushioning that it shouldn’t have any impact. Will be interesting to see how my running/climbing continues though as this progresses.

Week 4 – Day 5

Went for a run after work, was good! Took it easy and didn’t feel tired or anything, so no issues there. Think I will try preggo yoga tomorrow haha, see how I’m embracing this whole thing?

Boobs are hurting more now than before. Especially nipples! They are really not handling temperature differences very well right now, and are constantly on. To much info…? No, here we speak the truth.