Week 9 – Day 3

Something strange happened when we were out for dinner with all the family the other evening. I ate two separate things that I thought I would love (cause I normally would have), and they both tasted completely horrible. One of them, a yuzu gel and pickled cabbage totally cut through my mouth the flavour was so strong. Everyone else seemed to think it was fine… Then I tried some of Dave’s lamb racks which had a salt and basil crust, and i wanted to spit it out straight away. Again everyone else thought it was delicious.

This could make eating and choice of food very unpredictable…

On another note, Dave’s away at beamtime until Saturday. It’s the first time that I’ve been by myself since I found out about Justin… I think it’ll go fine, but I do miss having him around :/

Week 4 – Day 3

I (we) told my parents yesterday, and Fredde. And Dave’s parents plus Chris. Everyone seem so happy and full of expectations.

I still don’t have any symptoms besides the tender boobs, and the fact that my brain is not really grasping what is going on. Usually I understand things/problems/solutions by visualising them. And I really can’t picture that that there is something inside of me. Logically I know what’s going on, like I can read about the biology and science, but I conceptually cannot grasp what is happening.

I also don’t feel particularly excited or overcome with emotion. No intense happiness to joy. Just the same… just normal.