Week 14 – Day 5

Not much to write or update about cause everything is just sort of ticking along. Been a bit emotional with the Manchester attack… like more than usual and I’m guessing it’s due to hormones.

It also dawned on me that maybe the reason I haven’t put on weight is that I’ve been loosing muscle mass :/ I basically have not worked out at all in the last two months. What also hit me with this is that it’ll take F-O-R-E-V-E-R to rebuild the (little) strength I had before. Maybe I should try and do some more active stuff now that I’m feeling better again? A light job, or some basic body weights? But I have no clue how much is appropriate, or how hard I can push it…?


Week 14 – Day 3

Hello Monday! Amsterdam has finally realised that it’s supposed to be summer! Goal for this week is to finish the balcony so we can properly hang there in the evenings 🙂 and with a 4 day weekend coming up there should be plenty of time to do it.

So what’s new on the bump front…? Not that much to be honest. I stopped weighing myself regularly cause nothing was happening, and when I last double checked I was still on +0 kg. Been googling some cause I was getting a bit worried but seems it’s totally normal and very individual.

Still not that much happening physically either… I don’t think anyway? The preggo jeans are awesome and let me breathe properly, but I think it’s more a general getting bigger rather than a distinct bump. So we’ll keep waiting! 

Week 14 – Day 0

New week, entering week 15 AND month number 4! Justin is now over 8 cm!! (furealz?!?!) which is around the size of a kiwi. Kiwis are coincidentally my new favourite fruit and has helped me immensely with keeping happy and regular!

I’ve started feeling as if people are looking at my midsection. I’ve obviously told bosses in work and close friends etc. But I haven’t made any kind of grand announcement to the general workplace or the public or say the people in my Dutch class, and I can tell that some people are now looking at me thinking… hmm? she’s put on a bit of weight in an oddly specific place. But are obviously too scared/polite to ask. I’m almost thinking that when (if) they do ask, I’ll pretend to be super offended haha.

Got our next midwife check up next Thursday, so hopefully everything looks normal, and we can schedule in an appointment for the next scan! I’m totally back and forth about finding out the gender, so I think it’ll just come down to whatever impulse I have on the day.

Week 13 – Day 5

Despite the vagueness of my apps and the internet, I think we can safely say that I’m in the 2nd trimester. This is based purely on how I’m feeling! Which is pretty daym good! Maybe I’m not supposed to shout about this considering how many women seem to suffer through pregnancy, but honestly… things are going really well!

I’m not as tired anymore, I don’t feel bloated all the time anymore, I don’t feel emotional or moody and I’m generally happy with everything. On top of that, I think I’m getting some of my appetite back fro different foods. These last couple of days I’ve really been wanting big juicy pieces of meat, preferable BBQ’d versions.

Been looking at loads of BBQ recipes, and can’t wait to sort the balcony out. We were meant to do it that weekend my parents were here, but the builders above decided to put a new balcony in above us, so we’ve been living in a rain of brick dust! Now they’re finally finished, so next week over the long weekend, we’re gonna do IKEA and gardening center trip and fix it all up!

w00p w00p and yay for life!

Week 13 – Day 3

I think I’m actually starting to look pregnant! I got my first pair of maternity jeans (sent back the ones from asos) and now that I’m comfy and nothing is pushing in my belly I can actually exhale which means there’s definitely a little bump showing!

I’ve been keeping to the smaller portions as well which is working a treat 🙂 feeling really good these days!