Week 34 – Day 4

I read an interesting fact today… My uterus is 1000 times bigger now than what it was at conception! 1000 TIMES!!!! This is insane!

Anyway… the pram problem was not solved this weekend, but we did end up finding one online that we have ordered and it’s been dispatched! I’m not going to fully celebrate until I have it in my possession, but it’s one step closer. And we know which car seat to buy now, which also feels like a big win.

Another thing I read that I hadn’t really thought of at all is that it could be a good idea to start making more food than we need, and freeze stuff, so that once she’s here, we can just take stuff out of the freezer and heat up for us. Seeing as cooking might not be a top priority at the start. Or, just ask every single visitor to bring take away for us 🙂

In the spirit of making life easier, we got a cleaner in the weekend, and my only thought after was why have we not done this earlier?! It’s so nice to come home to a clean flat. And she mopped the floors which is something we never do, and it was just so clean!! Definitely keeping this perk until further notice!

I’m counting down the days I have left to work, 8 including today! Feels like very little, but I wish it was here already.


Week 21 – Day 3

No bump pic today… Sorry, this morning was unreal. It was the first time since I stopped feeling sick and tired that I felt a real physical effect of this pregnancy, and I just had to lie back down instead of getting ready for work. Seems there’s been some kind of growth spurt over the weekend. I look pregnant beyond doubt now, and must have gained two kilos in the last two days. Gravity felt extra strong this morning. So in total it’s a weight gain of 4 kg now, which I think is perfectly normal… It’s just that three out of the four came in the last week or so.

Is this the beginning of the end of the dream 2nd trimester? I technically have a whole month left before entering the last stage, and this might be a one off symptom that I’m feeling while I re-adjust. Man I hope so…

On top of the growth spurt it feels like my whole uterus has moved, sort of upward, pushing everything aside even more. I usually have a bowl of yogurt, fruit and granola for breakfast which does me really well, but today I felt so sick after. Not nauseous, but as if I’d gone all out at an all you can eat buffet. I imagine this is what it feels like after having one of those gastric band surgeries, and it takes a while mentally to catch up with the fact that you just can’t each the same amount. Need to re-plan my whole daily routing to fit in lots of little meals instead, if this is gonna continue… to be continued…

Week 16 – Day 4

I ate sushi yesterday, more importantly a piece of raw salmon. It was delicious. And I’m still alive! I’m still genuinely confused about the guidelines for all the food. There seems to be a website that supports whatever view you wish to adopt at the time. Anyway, I read that they stuff that’s dangerous in raw fish actually makes adults ill too, and seeing as I’ve never been sick from sushi, not in general, and also not from this place, I decided to go for it.

Overall I think that food hygiene and food safety in Europe is pretty good, and the odds that you consume something that would give you a bug is so small. Plus any sushi restaurant that continually made people sick would have surely been shut down or at least have horrible reviews.

I know I went into this with the “better safe than sorry” approach… and that does still hold true to an extent. But at the same time, all the advice on “forbidden” food seems to assume that we are completely inept when it comes to weighing up risks ourselves, and so just tells us to exclude everything. And when I ask myself “when is the last time someone I knew got salmonella from eating a soft boiled egg, or a stomach bug from sushi, or a slice of salami…” it gives a much better feel for the actual risks involved. I think I can have a a bit of all this and still come out alive (with a normal baby) *touch wood*.

Week 13 – Day 3

I think I’m actually starting to look pregnant! I got my first pair of maternity jeans (sent back the ones from asos) and now that I’m comfy and nothing is pushing in my belly I can actually exhale which means there’s definitely a little bump showing!

I’ve been keeping to the smaller portions as well which is working a treat 🙂 feeling really good these days! 

Week 12 – Day 4

In case anyone cares, I finally managed to go to the loo (first time in 5 days!) which has made me feel infinitely better! Have also been reading up about diet changes that I should have been making instead of sticking to my good old 3 meals a day which has properly clogged me up!

So, while I’m here and feeling a bit more energetic, this is the new improved food plan or pregnancy! Lots of little meals with all the nutrition 🙂

Breakfast options (7.30 am on weekdays):

  • 2 eggs, knackebrod with ham/cheese
  • Banana pancakes (2 eggs + 1 banana) with berries
  • 2 weetabix with kiwi & berries (with either milk or yogurt)

Snack 1 & 3 & 4 (10 am & 3 pm & evening if needed):

  • Banana or apple and some nuts or peanut butter
  • Babybell and some nuts
  • Vegetable sticks and hummus
  • Yogurt and berries

Snack 2 (aka light lunch around 12.30 pm):

  • Knackebrod with avocado or oily fish and bowl of soup

Dinner (around 7 pm):

  • Chicken or fish w. rice or sweet potatoes and veg

Sounds reasonable right? Time to get a shopping list together and sort this out!!

Week 9 – Day 3

Something strange happened when we were out for dinner with all the family the other evening. I ate two separate things that I thought I would love (cause I normally would have), and they both tasted completely horrible. One of them, a yuzu gel and pickled cabbage totally cut through my mouth the flavour was so strong. Everyone else seemed to think it was fine… Then I tried some of Dave’s lamb racks which had a salt and basil crust, and i wanted to spit it out straight away. Again everyone else thought it was delicious.

This could make eating and choice of food very unpredictable…

On another note, Dave’s away at beamtime until Saturday. It’s the first time that I’ve been by myself since I found out about Justin… I think it’ll go fine, but I do miss having him around :/

Week 6 – Day 1

It’s been a good weekend. We’ve entered the start of week 7 yesterday, which means Justin is now the size of a pea! And this week, the chances of miscarriage goes down from around 15% now to 10% at the end of the week w00p w00p Fingers crossed that we make it.

I’ve lost 1 kg of weight since the weekend before, which I think is ok but not ideal, so not something I want to keep doing, as we’re apparently entering a “growth spurt” this week. I think it’s mainly cause I’ve been trying to be healthy with food, plus I’m not drinking any alcohol and still exercising the same as before. Basically I need to up my food intake a bit which is easier said than done since I now feel totally indifferent to most flavours. It’s not that I feel sick eating anything, it’s just that I feel thoroughly unenthusiastic about food. I eat when I’m hungry, but nothing is exciting food or flavour wise. On Saturday Dave suggested pizza and I totally broke down crying in public cause pizza felt like the last thing on earth that I wanted. These hormones are killing me.

The whole running thing has also thrown me off a bit. Although I can still run and it’s not really a problem, what I have noticed is that I need to go really slow. A pace where a could normally hold a steady conversation now makes me completely breathless, and raises my pulse like crazy!

What else… The nausea doesn’t come in attacks anymore, but is there as a constant underlying thing. Not so bad that I need to throw up or can’t do stuff. But it’s a kind of annoying constant mild motion sickness kind of feeling. Aaah, the joys of pregnancy :/