Week 28 – Day 4

Yesterday we were down to 80 days left. We got so much stuff this weekend from people, mostly pink stuff, but I guess we can balance it out ourselves with other bits. Saying that though, if we even have another baby after this, we’re definitely keeping gender a secret! It amazing and a bit terrifying how people treat little boys and girls differently… even people our age. I guess it’s a lot to do with culture.

Anyhow, I got a pregnancy massage booked in after work today! Not sure what it’ll be like, but I’l excited to go anyway πŸ™‚ gonna be nice and relaxing I hope!

AND!! We ordered a pram! Read that delivery time can be quite long, and they were correct… 1-2 months before it arrives. So currently it’s estimated to come mid October, but could get here as late as early November… which means that if she comes early we’ll just have to manage without one for a while. But at least we’ve got it over and done with now. So that’s the second (and final) big purchase ticked off the list! The only thing left to do now is little bits and bobs that we still need, and sorting the actual baby room out so that we can stop piling stuff on to the desk, which now looks like a mountain of baby clothes and blankets.

I have a pretty good idea of what needs doing, but Dave said it might be nice to decorate/paint one of the walls… so gonna have a little look around for some inspo!


Week 28 – Day 1Β 

Liverpool is calm and there’s lots of family to catch up with and see! Everything is either pink or blue and I’ve had to be quite selective in the shops we’ve been to. But it’s really very lovely to see everyone!

Week 27 – Day 3

I was home by myself this weekend while Dave was in Hamburg on a lads holiday (cannot wait to go away with just friends after the baby is out!). It was a really relaxing weekend, but I noticed that it’s really important for me to have Dave around to talk to. Baby was a little quieter than usual between Friday and Saturday morning, and without Dave there to reason with, my thoughts very quickly went to worst case scenarios. Luckily she started moving around again so it was all good.

I also realised that I don’t speak out loud to the baby the way Dave does. I talk to her in my head, thinking that she knows what I’m saying, but clearly I need to actually say stuff out loud. Still feels a bit strange though to talk out loud to someone who isn’t there yet..

Week 24 – Day 2

It feels like a lot has happened since last week’s bump picture! There’s a proper belly now! 

Being home has been super chill and the week has gone by way too fast. But we’ve got some useful things done, like figuring out which pram to get! Tried a bunch in the shop here, actually the weight and seeing how they fold in real life. 

Plus with all the stuff from my mum we’ve made a bit of a dent in that list! 

Week 23 – Day 4

It is so so nice to be home!! And it’s so fun to see how excited my parents are about the baby coming! We went through some old stuff in the basement yesterday, and some of things from the 80’s is so on point hipster today that it’s insane. I was gonna by a new sling, but the one my mum had is so cool! Definitely need to use it πŸ™‚

Unfortunately I have to work for a couple of hours every day, but will make the most of being home and relaxing anyway πŸ™‚ Already managed a trip to Saluhallen for lunch with my two favourite Daves!

Week 23 – Day 1

Gong to MalmΓΆ on Monday and I’m so excited! Have no clue why I would have booked a Monday afternoon flight rather than today, but oh well. A quick little update and bump pic for today I think πŸ™‚


Check me out, proper little bump! Some evenings mu stomach feels so stretched I honestly don’t know how it’s supposed to grow more. But I’m sure I’ll look back at this thinking that I’m tiny right now in comparison. So what’s happening?

  • Rash is spreading… and itching like crazy! Gonna call the docs on Monday and see if I can get a same day appointment, and hopefully some hydrocortisone cream prescribed. I just keep itching it :/
  • For the first time yesterday I felt really really tired from walking for 10 minutes. Not in pain or uncomfortable, just out of breath…
  • Made a more comprehensive list that my old one, and actually started researching all the things to see if we need them need them or if it’s just an item that consumerism is trying to sell us. There are surprisingly many useless things out there that are labelled as a “must have”.
  • I feel like I look awful with clothes on, but awesome in underwear or naked! Wish I could just walk around with no clothes all the time πŸ™‚

Week 22 – Day 4

I was talking to a colleague at lunch today who has a friend who’s also pregnant. She commented on the fact that I’ve booked a trip to Ireland in September, asking if I’m not worried about stuff going wrong. Got me thinking a bit about attitude. She said her friend is panicking and worrying about everything and anything that could potentially happen, even though it hasn’t happened yet.

I know I’m quite an optimistic person by nature, sometimes over optimistic. But it hasn’t really crossed my mind to plan for things as if though it wouldn’t work. What would be the point in that? Some people have the mindset of “everything that can go wrong will go wrong” with the goal to have a plan of action when the bad stuff happens. Maybe I’m naive or unprepared, but I’m pretty sure IF anything was to not go according to plan, I could handle it when it happens. It doesn’t make sense to me to walk around worrying about all the potential horrors of pregnancy… cause what if they DON’T happen? Then I would have worried for nothing, and not enjoyed the times that did go well.

Is it just me? I mean, I’m a firm believer in planning in general and to be prepared for the baby. And I’m very much aware that things may not be this easy in a month, or two or three…. but as long as it’s all good, it’s all good right?