Week 6 – Day 4

All quiet on the preggo front. I feel like nothing is happening this week, and now that I’ve gotten used to the sore boobs and minor constant nausea, it’s almost like I’m forgetting that I’m pregnant. I’ve been a bit down, and not wanting to see people. I had to force myself to go out to a pub quiz yesterday cause I’d promised I would, and it was quite fun in the end. But that feeling when I wake up in the morning, that all I want to do is sit on the sofa is still there.

I noticed that the nausea goes away while I’m eating… so my current strategy is to eat little bits all the time. Not sure how sustainable that is though.

For now I just really want to get to that first scan so that I have something more real than random symptoms to grasp. It still feels like it’s not real, as if nothing is in there… I’m hoping that’ll change when I hear a heartbeat, or maybe I’ll just never have an emotional connection to this child?! Daym… Hope that’s not true.