Week 7 – Day 1


The weeks seem to go faster cause I’m less nervous about stuff going wrong. Entering the 8th week now! Don’t really know if there’s much to report..? Justin is now the size of a blueberry, and has started growing little nubs for legs and arms, and apparently my uterus is starting to expand to make room for the guy. This has resulted in me feeling almost constantly bloated and uncomfortable.

I still haven’t put on any weight although I feel like I ate a lot more in the last week. But all my jeans are very tight. Nothing is visible yet, and I hope it stays this way for another month, but I can feel that I take up more space.

I had a weird one yesterday when I woke up and felt 100% fine. No nausea, no sore boobs, nothing. Was super nice to feel normal for a couple of hours, although in the back of my mind there’s the nagging worry that something happened. Unreasonable I know….

I’ve been debating back an forth about the marathon this Sunday. On the one had, I’m still fine with the running bit, albeit a lot slower, and a lot more out of breath… and really do want to continue like everything is normal, and not let this limit my life. On the other hand, it’s gonna be 24 degrees in Paris, and I already overheat massively cause of Justin… AND if anything did happen, I know I would blame myself for it (even if it was totally random and scientifically not my fault). So I won;t be running… 😦 but like Orsi said, I can start training and run a marathon anytime, but I can’t really put pregnancy on hold and resume it later.

Still very much looking forward to spending all those days in Paris with Orsi and Alby though ❤ but will be super jealous of all the nice wine I’m missing out on! (the French drink while preggo don’t they? :p)