Week 39 – Day 1

We’re into the last week. 6 days til due date! My body feels different, but I don’t know if it’s in my head cause I’m overanalysing everything, or if it actually IS different. My joints have been “looser” and I got a trapped nerve in my right arm yesterday. This morning I woke up feeling like I had been for a full body workout, with all my muscles aching. I read that having those flue like stiff and achy body feelings without the other symptoms could be a sign that labour will happen soon. Then again, if you google enough, anything could be as sign!

We didn’t make it to IKEA last weekend, so will try again tomorrow. Maybe some meatballs can get her going?

The odds now are:

  • Probability of going into labour today: 3.46%
  • In the next three days: 10.85%
  • By this time next week: 27.47%

Every day I’m getting on with little bits. Still working on my sewing project. Going outside for little walks, tidying up bits at home (under the bed is next), and generally quite enjoying having this time off.

Really can’t wait for her to get here now!


Week 36 – Day 1

It’s getting so close now. 27 days til due date. And after this week, the chances of going into labour go up significantly with every day. The first one out of our pre-natal course gave birth, 10 days early. I still haven’t got my head around the fact that there will be another person here. Just in bed this morning I was trying to picture a baby lying next to me, and I just can’t see it. It seems so unrealistic.


I don’t think my tummy has gotten much bigger in the last couple of weeks. It feels bigger from the inside, but it looks kind of similar. Except maybe it’s hanging down a bit more…

My maternity leave has properly started and I’m taking it easy. Pottering around the house, and doing little bits here and there. This week it’s only two days which I think will be a good start, cause then I have the weekend with Dave around. Will have to see how it goes next week when I have a full 5 days of doing nothing.

Week 35 – Day 6

Month 9, last day in work and 4 weeks til due date!

Woke up this morning feeling so ready to just do nothing. Feels like my stomach has blown up this week. Every day it’s just so big, and pushing out more and more.

This weekend, the last bits on the to do list is definitely getting ticked off. So that’s just adjusting the cot to make sure it’s the correct height, and getting the last bits for the hospital bag.┬áThe first baby from our pre-natal class has arrived, 10 days early, so that really made it hit home, that the baby does not care about due dates! Which means we should be as prepared as possible.

So, plans for maternity leave:

  • Study dutch and complete the course and exam
  • Get massages / pedicure / facials etc. (lols)
  • Attempt to make a play mat for the baby (I impulse bought a sewing machine for this…)
  • Meet up with people for lunches, trying new places
  • Bake more bread

Sounds pretty chill right?