Week 38 – Day 6

8 days left… haha the start of every post now, an eternal countdown. Had a regular check up with the midwife this morning. Everything is looking normal. My blood pressure has gone up a bit, which they say is normal towards the end of the pregnancy, and it’s still within the acceptable range, so nothing to worry about. It has resulted in my hands swelling though. I know it’s common as well in pregnancy, but it’s only just happened in the last week, so I was sort of expecting to get away without it hitting me. Guess I can’t escape everything. So got my little sausage fingers now and am struggling to make fists.

Probability stats today:

  • Odds of going into labour today: 2.95%
  • In the next three days: 9.29%
  • By this time next week: 23.77%

Booked in another appointment as well with the midwife, for next Friday, so if I go over that is. In which case we will talk about the different options and how long to wait etc. Kind of hoping it won’t come to that, but we’ll see!


Week 33 – Day 1

Started the day with an hour of pregnancy massage, best thing ever. As the achy back has been getting more noticeable this massage is really nice at just loosening everything up again. Cycled to work afterwards feeling like a brand new person. Got the next one booked for when I start my maternity leave to make sure it kicks off nicely. 

So here’s the belly now! More and more it’s feeling tight in the evenings. Like there’s far too much in there and it shouldn’t actually fit. And more and more I’m realising that it’s gonna have to come out, one way or another. 

We were supposed to start discussing the birth plan with the midwife yesterday but decided to do it after we’ve finished the prenatal course so that we have all the info. Now the midwife appointments are every two weeks and I think after the next one it’ll be every week almost to monitor everything. So far everything still looks good. My blood pressure is super steady and the baby is growing like she should. So no concerns! 

Week 29 – Day 5

I’m almost a little bit scared of writing this, in case I jinx it all, but this pregnancy has really been above all expectations so far in terms of how I’m feeling. Yes, I’ve been tired, and yes I’ve had a bit of back pain… but when I compare it to the “list of symptoms” I “should” be having at this stage, it’s nothing! I still cycle to work and back every day, I can still walk for hours as I did over the weekend in Cologne, I’m still travelling without feeling exhausted. I guess my general pace is a tad slower, but I really do feel like I’m not even pregnant some of the time.

We had a very quick check up with the midwife yesterday. Blood pressure is good, uterus is a good size, baby is a good size, baby’s heart beat is solid, iron levels are above average which is awesome. She said that the baby is positioned head downward already which is really good, and that she is quite far back in the uterus, which is why I’m not having so much back pain, cause the strain is a lot less. Thank you little one, for being so good already! I really hope this continues!

Things for the “generic week 30 list” that I’m definitely NOT missing:

  • Acute back pain and not being able to walk/sit for long periods – Been walking loads and have been totally fine
  • Swollen feet – nope, shoes still fit!
  • Sleeping badly – not really, even on the sofa bed over the weekend I was comfy. The exception was the mosquito in our room two nights ago, but can’t really put that on the baby
  • Leaky boobs – hasn’t happened yet
  • Hemorrhoids(!) – thankfully no! Lord praise the kiwi!
  • Stretch marks – none so far – w00p

I don’t know if it’s pure genetics, sheer luck, or if I was actually in decent shape strength wise before this, but either way, with my mum’s nightmare stories, I’m so extremely thankful that it’s going so well. Just figured I should write this down in case it all goes to shit in the last two months. So that I will remember that it was actually not so bad for most of it!

Week 26 – Day 3

No picture over the weekend cause we’ve been camping! I wasn’t really sure how it was gonna go with sleeping in an air mattress for two nights, but it’s been really good actually, and my back has been fine! My body was totally beat and tired though when we got home yesterday. I had a nice long bath then fell asleep on the sofa at 8 and slept til almost 8 this morning! I guess it wears you out more than I thought!

On the Thursday before we left we had our 4 weekly checkup at the midwife. Blood pressure is good, and the little ones hear beat is good too! It sounded higher than usual when we listened, and turns out it was because I’d just had a coffee before I went.

Then on the Saturday I had a little panic cause I didn’t feel her kick all day. It was probably cause we’d been out on a boat and my mind had been on all the stuff we were doing at camping, but my head still got really worked up about it, and then when she eventually moved I felt so relieved! My little baby ❤

Week 15 – Day 0

Midwife meeting yesterday went really well! Got to hear the heartbeat which was unreal! I can safely say that it blows my mind every time I think about the fact that me and Dave made this whole new person AND that it’s currently growing inside of me. For so long I felt quite ambivalent about the whole thing, but now i feel that I really do care about this baby. I want it to be healthy and happy, and I think more and more about what it’ll be like once it’s here.

The heart sounded healthy and at a good pace, and we could hear the strange sound of the fluid in there when the baby moved around. We’re gonna schedule a 20 week scan in about a months time which will be the second and last time (if everything goes well) that we’ll get to see the baby before it’s born. Very exciting!

I’ve said this before but just want to write it again… I’m so so happy about how chilled the midwives here are. I’ve read horror stories about people being told they’re doing things wrong, not gaining enough, or gaining too much weight. Being told to take loads of supplements and do all these crazy things. And there absolutely nothing of that here. She hasn’t weighed me once since I registered, there’s been nothing else than “do you feel ok?”, “are you worried about anything?” and this has really help so much in giving me an extremely casual attitude about all this. With all the recommendations online, it’s really nice to have a trained voice of reason who tells me that it’s actually ok to just go with the flow, and if it feels ok, it’s probably ok. And that women have loads of different rules in different countries and it’s not gonna be the end of the world if you have some parma ham, or a sip of beer or a slightly pink steak.

Still feeling good with the body and all, and this long weekend is being spent pimping the balcony! Cleaned the whole thing + big summer clean of the flat yesterday. Today (in 10 minutes) we’re doing IKEA and garden centre trip, and we’re having people over for BBQ on Sunday. Then I’m hoping that the weather will allow me to spend the next 3 months chilling on the balcony!!

Week 8 – Day 6

Hello 🙂 two days with parents here and I’m exhausted! Been sick for several days in a row now, not a trend I’d like to continue. Tomorrow we enter week 10, double digits and at the end of next week we’re on quarter of the way through!

The meeting with the midwife went super well, and she was really nice and relaxed and explained everything perfectly. I think it helps me a lot that they generally have such a relaxed attitude towards everything. It means that I also keep calm about stuff. One thing that got brought up that neither me or Dave had thought of before is the pre-natal testing that they offer. It’s up to us whether we want them or not, and she said about 50% of couples do chose to get it done.

Basically they take blood samples and analyse for chromosome variations, like Downs syndrome and some more rare things. The thing is…. for our age and medical history the odds are super super low, and if it turns out that the likelihood is high… then what? The midwife said that couples who get the tests done have already decided that they would abort the baby if something was wrong… but I’m not sure that I would? It’s such a morally sensitive issue to me. If you abort because of a likelihood of Downs, is that not the same as saying that people with Downs syndrome has less of a right to life?

If we’re not gonna change our minds about having the baby either way, then what benefit does knowing have? I’m very confused about the whole thing… But got another 10 days to figure it out, before the next meeting, and regular blood tests and the scan!

Will take a first belly pic tomorrow!

Week 8 – Day 4

All quiet for a week, and no pic for Week 8! I’ve been in Paris for 5 days. Originally it was to run the marathon, but in the end just for cheering on Orsi and Alby plus chilling out for a couple of days. They both did incredibly well, and I’m super proud, and it made me so jealous! Will really need to sign up for a marathon again once Justin is here.

We’re almost a full two months gone (on Saturday), and today is the first midwife meeting! I’m not sure whether they’ll do a scan or not, as sometimes it’s just a chat the first time… or so I’m told. But I figured I’ll start doing actual pictures of belly from this Sunday, as we’ll be entering month 3! Fun times.

The nausea is still as usual. Was only sick once in Paris, and once more this morning… it comes and goes, but I think I have it pretty ok in comparison to many other stories I’ve read about. Fingers crossed it doesn’t get worse!

I’m gonna tell close friends and family this week and next, and then bosses and other work people in a couple of weeks I think.

Both families are coming over for Easter which will be super fun, but I’m also expecting it to be quite tiring… We shall see how it goes. At least everyone knows about Justin so so pretending. That was one thing that was so nice this weekend in Paris as well! No pretending 🙂 Actually can’t wait til more people know!