Week 7 – Day 2

The thing that I knew and feared would happen has happened. The “I’m about to throw up right now” feeling happened outside of home. I was cycling to work this morning, and just as I approach one of the traffic lights the intense nausea hits. I’d been feeling a bit sicky throughout the morning anyway, but not bad enough to actually throw up. But there it was. I managed to park my bike quickly and run over the the closest canal (I guess that’s a good thing about Amsterdam, at least I don’t feel like I’m messing up the streets!).

Afterward I really wanted to get some mints or gum, and something little to get down my stomach, just cause it seems to sit better then. I went in to the¬†Starbucks nearby but apparently they don’t sell mints (?! since when?!) and instead I end up paying 2 euro for one biscotti :/


Week 6 – Day 6

Today was the worst morning sickness so far. Up until now it’s struck after a swig of tea, but this morning I managed to get most of my breakfast down before it came back up again :/ It’s pretty regular now, every time it’s gone more than a couple of hours without food, I feel sick again.

Uhgr… This seems to be the only thing I’m writing these days… woke up, felt sick… meeehhh. Make time go quicker please.

Week 5 – Day 4

As expected the nausea returned. A complete repetition of earlier this week. One sip of tea, wall of sicky feels out of nowhere, instant vomiting, back to normal. If this is the extent of it, then I’m fine with that. In one way I’m relieved that it’s back (as it’s probably means that I’m still preggo). But on the other hand, it was quite nice not to be sick for two mornings.

I find that I’ve grown quite attached to Justin already. Still not in an overwhelming euphoria way that some people describe, with tears of joy and all that, but I care that he’s ok. I want him (obvs don’t know if it’s a boy, but there’s no gender neutral pronoun in English, and Justin kinda goes with him) to do well.

I’m going climbing again tonight. Went last week and was a tiny bit concerned about falling, but it went fine, and I figure he’s so tiny and my soft stomach provides plenty of natural cushioning that it shouldn’t have any impact. Will be interesting to see how my running/climbing continues though as this progresses.

Week 5 – Day 1

This morning I was sat on the sofa with my tea, feeling totally fine and normal. Then after one sip of tea, and out of nowhere, a wall of nausea. No build up, just fine… fine… fine… BANG! Had to run through the loo and throw up the one¬†swig of tea that I’d had. Then afterwards it was totally fine again.

I rang my mum to ask about how it was with her, which was less than encouraging. The basic info I got out was to carry a plastic bag with me wherever I go from now on, and that her’s didn’t stop until she pretty much gave birth, and that it then took another 28 years to get over trauma of smelling certain things! Joy oh joy! Maybe this is karma.