Week 38 – Day 4

10 days left. I hope she comes this weekend, but think I can last just over 2 weeks if I have to. Stats today:

  • Odds of going in to labour today: 2.51%
  • In the next three days: 7.96%
  • By this time next week: 20.56%

We didn’t make it out to IKEA this weekend. Time ran over and it would have gotten too stressful. Maybe one evening after work will be better, they’re open til 10 pm every weekday, so that should work. What we did manage to do though is get all the fabrics I need for my sewing project, which I will start today!

My cold/cough is pretty much gone, but the ribs are not fully recovering. Maybe they won’t considering she’s constantly pushing on them from the inside as well. Her movements in the last week have gotten quite ruthless actually. It feels like she’s about to break me…


Week 22 – Day 0

New week, and let’s start off with a little bump pic update seeing as it’s been a while. 

There’s a bit more there right? I can definitely feel more than before. Some days it’s a soft drumming and last night was like kicking and punching for dear life. Even Dave got some really good kicks! 

We had another check up and everything seems to be developing good! I really really hope that it just continues to go well. We signed up to pre-natal classes as well starting early September! Not quite sure what to expect from that but will keep an open mind. 

On a more annoying note, the rash on my legs is being very stubborn? Sort of settling down and coming back again all the time… Not sure what’s causing it still or what to do about it :/

Week 20 – Day 5

All quiet on the baby front? Not exactly, I’ve just been on holiday! A super relaxing week in the middle of nowhere in Finland. Cabin by the lake, hot-tub, sauna and lots of fun games (plus one million mosquito bites). Oh and we bought a super cute moomin outfit for the baby!

I was starting to panic a little bit as we’re now over the half way point and we haven’t prepared anything yet, but we’ve decided to wait until after all of the holidays are done. We’re off to Malmo in a couple of weeks, so will be looking at lots of baby shops there for things, and to compare prices. Not to mention rummaging through my parents basement for cute 80’s baby clothes, and potentially a pram. Then in August we’re going to Liverpool where we’re booked in with John Lewis who do a free two hour consultation with expecting couples. During that time, they talk you through things you may or may not need (obvs they wanna sell stuff, but there’s no obligation to buy), and we get to test out their assortment of all things baby. Hopefully after that we’ll have a clear picture of what we actually want.

Other than that I’m happy to say that there’s finally some movement coming from the baby. I started feeling in almost a week ago now, just after we got to Finland, so pretty much at the half way point! And not I can feel it all the time. It’s sort of like bubbles bursting, or how you’d imagine that that would feel. Very cool actually! And yesterday when we got back and were just relaxing on the sofa, it got so powerful that Dave could feel it too! So happy about that, as he doesn’t feel excluded now.

Today we have the next ultrasound, to do a foll check on the development of the baby. Hopefully they will determine how accurate the due date is, and we’ll get to see a bit more of who’s in there 🙂

Week 19 – Day 3

Those comments that pregnant people talk about getting, they’ve started… The way people assume that they are free to talk about your body is quite disturbing. I was at a BBQ with work colleagues this weekend, and there were three other women there who are also expecting. All of them are between 14-18 weeks along (so less than me), and all of them are showing more than me. So the comments on how little I’m showing, and questions about how far along I am, combined with the fact that I can’t feel the baby yet, has now gotten me into this worried frame of mind 😦 like is the baby developing correctly? Is it smaller than normal and why can’t a feel it. Logically and rationally I know that everyone develops at different paces, and that it’s all perfectly normal. I mean, I’ve had no pain that would indicate that something has gone wrong… but still I can feel myself stressing about it… Really can’t wait til the next scan now just to get some reassurance. Anyway, here’s another week of non-existent bump.


Week 18 – Day 4

Let’s do a little summary bulletin:

  • I put on weight! Finally! One whole kilo
  • I’m meeting a fellow pregnant person for a coffee next week. Mixed feelings about this, but keeping an open mind
  • Still not feeling any movement in there
  • Still undecided about finding out the gender, but got two weeks to make up my mind
  • Lower back pain plus tailbone(!) ache is becoming more prominent
  • My gag reflex is super sensitive… like brushing my teeth and having the toothbrush too far in my mouth makes me want to throw up

Week 17 – Day 1

What a blip of a day. I’ve felt so off, deflated, weak and down. It’s so nice and sunny outside and all I’ve done is move from the bed to the sofa and had a couple of cries. It must be a hormonal thing, cause I can’t explain it in any other way…

According to all the info out there this week is supposedly the most common week to start feeling the baby moving around. I’m not sure what to expect at all, and I can’t imagine what it would feel like, but I’m assuming I’ll know when it happens.

Uhrg… I just want this day to end and hope that tomorrow is better :/