Week 10 – Day 0

Over 25% of the way through! I still haven’t been sick since last weekend, but that uncomfortable feeling after eating is sticking around… I had to stay home from work on Friday out of pure tiredness. Can’t wait to tell work so I can stop pretending. So happy that next week is another three day week ūüôā 

As for Justin, I don’t think he’s visible still. I feel bloated but really don’t know if it’s actual bump or not. 

Pretty similar to last week no? And weight is pretty much the same, maybe plus half a kilo but it feels like plus 5 when I put my clothes on. Might go out and have a look for some more tummy friendly stuff today.


Week 9 – Day 4


  • Hello acid reflux! Everything I eat just sits in my throat, making me feel perpetually uncomfortable and burp-y.
  • Polo mints are my new BFF
  • The tiredness that’s hit me this week is beyond! After lunch in work all I want is a nap…
  • I’ve had really strange dreams recently. I can’t remember the exact content of them, but I remember that I’m very aggressive in them, pushing people away (physically), pushing objects off of tables and around… No idea what it means.
  • I haven’t been sick/vomited since Sunday (but probably jinxed it now)

I wonder how much longer I can keep this up in work, especially with King’s Day looming and everyone expecting me to be out and drinking! We’ve basically told friends and family now, and I’ve told a handful of people who work here (but not with me), who I’m friends with. But guess I’ll have to break the news to managers in the Hague, then here, then colleagues here. How do people hide this kind of stuff??

Week 9 – Day 3

Something strange happened when we were out for dinner with all the family the other evening. I ate two separate things that I thought I would love (cause I normally would have), and they both tasted completely horrible. One of them, a yuzu gel and pickled cabbage totally cut through my mouth the flavour was so strong. Everyone else seemed to think it was fine… Then I tried some of Dave’s lamb racks which had a salt and basil crust, and i wanted to spit it out straight away. Again everyone else thought it was delicious.

This could make eating and choice of food very unpredictable…

On another note, Dave’s away at beamtime until Saturday. It’s the first time that I’ve been by myself since I found out about Justin… I think it’ll go fine, but I do miss having him around :/

Week 9 – Day 0

First belly pic!

Pretty much just my usual belly haha. Maybe a tiny bump out that isn’t normally there? I think I’m gonna have to take the plunge and get some preggo pants soon.

Justin is now the size of a grape and is moving his little arms and legs around like crazy. Not that I can feel it yet. I still feel nauseous and very full and uncomfortable after ever time I eat. I hope I get out of this stage soon… Will be nice to feel normal.

Week 7 – Day 2

The thing that I knew and feared would happen has happened. The “I’m about to throw up right now” feeling happened outside of home. I was cycling to work this morning, and just as I approach one of the traffic lights the intense nausea hits. I’d been feeling a bit sicky throughout the morning anyway, but not bad enough to actually throw up. But there it was. I managed to park my bike quickly and run over the the closest canal (I guess that’s a good thing about Amsterdam, at least I don’t feel like I’m messing up the streets!).

Afterward I really wanted to get some mints or gum, and something little to get down my stomach, just cause it seems to sit better then. I went in to the¬†Starbucks nearby but apparently they don’t sell mints (?! since when?!) and instead I end up paying 2 euro for one biscotti :/

Week 6 – Day 6

Today was the worst morning sickness so far. Up until now it’s struck after a swig of tea, but this morning I managed to get most of my breakfast down before it came back up again :/ It’s pretty regular now, every time it’s gone more than a couple of hours without food, I feel sick again.

Uhgr… This seems to be the only thing I’m writing these days… woke up, felt sick… meeehhh. Make time go quicker please.

Week 6 – Day 1

It’s been a good weekend. We’ve entered the start of week 7 yesterday, which means Justin is now the size of a pea! And this week, the chances of miscarriage goes down from around 15% now to 10% at the end of the week w00p w00p Fingers crossed that we make it.

I’ve lost 1 kg of weight since the weekend before, which I think is ok but not ideal, so¬†not something I want to keep doing, as we’re apparently entering a “growth spurt” this week. I think it’s mainly cause I’ve been trying to be healthy with food, plus I’m not drinking any alcohol and still exercising the same as before. Basically I need to up my food intake a bit which is easier said than done since I now feel totally indifferent to most flavours. It’s not that I feel sick eating anything, it’s just that I feel thoroughly unenthusiastic about food. I eat when I’m hungry, but nothing is exciting food or flavour wise. On Saturday Dave suggested pizza and I totally broke down crying in public cause pizza felt like the last thing on earth that I wanted. These hormones are killing me.

The whole running thing has also¬†thrown me off a bit. Although I can still run and it’s not really a problem, what I have noticed is that I need to go really slow. A pace where a could normally hold a steady conversation now makes me completely breathless, and raises my pulse like crazy!

What else… The nausea doesn’t come in attacks anymore, but is there as a constant underlying thing. Not so bad that I need to throw up or can’t do stuff. But it’s a kind of annoying constant mild motion sickness kind of feeling. Aaah, the joys of pregnancy :/