Week 40 – Day 6

Membrane sweep + 10 hours. No labour yet. The sweep was definitely uncomfortable and involved a bit of pain  and I seized up a couple of times when I should have been trying to breathe through it instead, but it was still not as bad as I’d expected it to be. Afterwards Dave took me out for breakfast and then we spent most day at home chilling. 

A couple of things have progressed… 

  • Lost mucus plug
  • Uterus has been tensing up all day
  • Been getting what feels like period pains and cramps all day but nothing regular or anything that would actually count as painful.
  • Cervix is in a slightly more progressed state than it was on Monday. 

If this has worked we’ll know by the morning, they say give it 24 hours. If not, I’ve decided to give a second sweep a chance before going down the hospital/medical route. Yes I don’t want her to come on my birthday, but at the same time, if she’s not ready and if my body is not ready a couple of more days of waiting might just get us there naturally, so could be worth it. Worst comes to worse I spend my birthday in hospital… but I’ll still get to take a little baby home. 


Week 40 – Day 5

40+5. The average day that first babies are born. But this is no average baby is it. I had some pains last night, at 2 am and then again at 6, but they are most likely false contractions as they didn’t last, and went away fairly quickly. Looks like membrane sweep tomorrow is happening.

Yesterday she was a lot quieter than usual in there and I decided to call in just for a check. The risks go up the more over due you are. Anyway, it all looks good in there still, and while I was in they did a quick internal examination… to find that my cervix has progressed absolutely zero! Joy oh joy. This means that most likely the sweep tomorrow won’t be possible, as they won’t actually be able to get up there, and it’ll probably be more painful as well.

I spend so much time reading about different methods and ways of induction. None of them are ideal, as technically you’re forcing the body to do something it’s not naturally ready for. And although there’s a lot of good information out there, it’s all based on statistics of a very small sample of people who might have totally different circumstances from me. So how are you supposed to make a choice at all? Either way I booked in for a balloon induction on Friday, rather then potentially going for another sweep. Can still change it, but the appointment is there either way. Again, none of it is guaranteed to succeed… but oh well.

Spoke to Cris as well which was quite reassuring, as she mentioned that whatever way it goes, it won’t matter in the slightest once she’s here. Just need to repeat that to myself as much as possible! And try to go with the flow until then.

Week 40 – Day 4

4 days over. Not en epic amount in the grand scheme of things, but feels like forever. I read that around 10% of pregnancies need to be medically induced due to the baby just not coming within 14 days. I really hope that she’ll decide to turn up before that… Even before Wednesday when we’re supposed to have a membrane sweep. They don’t sound like the most pleasant thing.

I’ve pretty much been ticking off the list of things to try to get labour going, but they’re just old wives tales I guess, and so far nothing has worked. The main issue for me is not so much the physical side, I do still feel fine actually, but the mental aspect of just waiting, and being restless, and not knowing. On the upside, unless she comes today, she will be a Sagittarius like me! Not a massive deal I know, but feels familiar somehow 🙂

So again, how likely is spontaneous labour?

  • Odds of going in to labour today: 8.17%
  • In the next three days: 24.69:
  • By this time next week: 56.19%

But this time next week is the day before my birthday… and I really just want to sit at home with a baby, and a nice meal and a nice glass of wine! Is that too much to ask?!?

Week 40 – Day 1

As of today we are officially overdue. I’m being really selfish here but I absolutely don’t want her to come on my birthday, I don’t want to share :/ Physically I still feel fine (or as good as you can feel at 40+ weeks),  and mentally it’s a bit of a rollercoaster. At some times it’s ok, I can wait, she’ll come when she’s ready, and at other times I feel like I can’t possibly wait around for any longer.

Been to the midwife this morning to discuss the plan of action. Obviously and indiction will never be as good as a naturally occurring labour, with medicines and artificial hormones… and so here in the Netherlands, they really do wait until the very last moment before they turn to that option. The plan is now:

  1. At 40+6 weeks, so next Wednesday (22nd Nov), they will try a “membrane sweep”. This is a more natural way to try and encourage the body to go into labour. I read that it can be slightly uncomfortable, but only lasts a little while. The success rate is around 1 out of 3 women go into labour within 24 hours. If nothing happens within 24-48 hours then it hasn’t worked.
  2. If the first sweep doesn’t work, they will try another one at 41+2, but that’s a Saturday, so I’m hoping would could potentially do that on the 24th Nov.
  3. If both those sweeps don’t work, there will be a medical indiction at 41+5 which is on my birthday. The last thing I want is to spend my birthday in hospital giving birth. Medical indictions are usually more painful and have more complications, so please let it not come to that.

Hopefully we won’t even need the first sweep, and she’ll be here soon! The current odds are:

  • Odds of going into labour today: 6.21%
  • In the next three days: 19.08%
  • By this time next week (well, sweep will have happened, but still): 45.7%

Cross your fingers and hold your thumbs everyone!