Week 32 – Day 3

Another weekends past, and a lot of progress on the baby room 🙂 plus the realisation that even if the birth goes over by the maximum amount, we will have a baby here in two months! Dave seems to think she will come early, on his birthday. I guess health wise 4 weeks early is ok, but I’d still like her to stay in a bit longer than that.

The plan this week is to start working on the birth plan, I have a better idea now after two pre-natal classes, but will wait for the third tomorrow, and then start putting things down on paper, in preparation for the midwife appointment on Thursday.

Feels like we’re really done a big chuck to get everything sorted now, and the bits that are left to do are just little things that can get ticked off as and when! Very proud. For sure we can have everything ready by end of October.


Week 15 – Day 5

My app says i’m 40% through this pregnancy!? What? Nothing has even happened yet!!! 40 is almost half?? Another 4 weeks and we’re counting down instead of up…

I’ve given myself a deadline of week 20 to at least have put together a well thought through list of things we need to get. At least we’ve cleared out the study so there’s more space in there now, but I feel like I need to get a bit more proactive about this. Ever since my panic in that baby shop I’ve been avoiding looking at brands of stuff, maybe it’s time to start?

I’ve also been having some strange dreams recently. Last night was about my belly growing, but not in the normal way, like it wasn’t rounded, but it just looked like the shape of a baby under my skin. Very gross…. And the other day I dreamed that the baby’s heartbeat took over mine, and that my heart was beating super fast all the time.