Week 18 – Day 3

We’re steadily approaching the half way mark. My app says we’re 46.5% done with baking the baby!

This weekend was really super fun with Orsi and Anna over visiting! So so nice to hang out and catch up, but I can really feel the effect today! Almost falling asleep in work!!

The heat is also contributing I think to the very tired and lethargic feeling I’m having. Shame I have so much to do, so I can’t really take it easy… But on the upside it’s only a week and a bit til I get a mini break!

This week’s bump: 

Fairly unchanged I think? I’m gonna get Dave to take some nicer pictures every couple of weeks from now that we can have to look back at afterwards!


Week 14 – Day 3

Hello Monday! Amsterdam has finally realised that it’s supposed to be summer! Goal for this week is to finish the balcony so we can properly hang there in the evenings 🙂 and with a 4 day weekend coming up there should be plenty of time to do it.

So what’s new on the bump front…? Not that much to be honest. I stopped weighing myself regularly cause nothing was happening, and when I last double checked I was still on +0 kg. Been googling some cause I was getting a bit worried but seems it’s totally normal and very individual.

Still not that much happening physically either… I don’t think anyway? The preggo jeans are awesome and let me breathe properly, but I think it’s more a general getting bigger rather than a distinct bump. So we’ll keep waiting!