Week 29 – Day 5

I’m almost a little bit scared of writing this, in case I jinx it all, but this pregnancy has really been above all expectations so far in terms of how I’m feeling. Yes, I’ve been tired, and yes I’ve had a bit of back pain… but when I compare it to the “list of symptoms” I “should” be having at this stage, it’s nothing! I still cycle to work and back every day, I can still walk for hours as I did over the weekend in Cologne, I’m still travelling without feeling exhausted. I guess my general pace is a tad slower, but I really do feel like I’m not even pregnant some of the time.

We had a very quick check up with the midwife yesterday. Blood pressure is good, uterus is a good size, baby is a good size, baby’s heart beat is solid, iron levels are above average which is awesome. She said that the baby is positioned head downward already which is really good, and that she is quite far back in the uterus, which is why I’m not having so much back pain, cause the strain is a lot less. Thank you little one, for being so good already! I really hope this continues!

Things for the “generic week 30 list” that I’m definitely NOT missing:

  • Acute back pain and not being able to walk/sit for long periods – Been walking loads and have been totally fine
  • Swollen feet – nope, shoes still fit!
  • Sleeping badly – not really, even on the sofa bed over the weekend I was comfy. The exception was the mosquito in our room two nights ago, but can’t really put that on the baby
  • Leaky boobs – hasn’t happened yet
  • Hemorrhoids(!) – thankfully no! Lord praise the kiwi!
  • Stretch marks – none so far – w00p

I don’t know if it’s pure genetics, sheer luck, or if I was actually in decent shape strength wise before this, but either way, with my mum’s nightmare stories, I’m so extremely thankful that it’s going so well. Just figured I should write this down in case it all goes to shit in the last two months. So that I will remember that it was actually not so bad for most of it!