Week 32 – Day 6

Day 6…not 5? My app changed the counting when I downloaded it on my new phone. Either way due date is still the same, but I guess the weeks switch on Thursdays? I’m well confused.

Another evening of prenatal course yesterday with trying out different pushing positions. My favourites are squatting on the floor, like oldskool toilet style, or on all fours either on the bed or on the floor as well. Definitely not a fan of lying down… Also quite pleased that we’re getting to know all the other parents to be a bit better. It’s a funny mix of people with all sorts of different backgrounds, which is quite nice.

I’m starting to suspect that I’m hitting the point in pregnancy when things are becoming a tad more difficult. Yes, I’ve been tired and stuff already, but it’s been pretty standard and manageable to still continue at a reasonable pace. This week though… cycling has slowed right down, back aches have ramped right up and the tiredness has hit cause I’ve started sleeping worse and worse. Sort of a restless sleep where I wake myself up every time I have to move or turn around.

On the plus side, I’ve started working two days from home as of this week which I’ll do until I go on leave. That’s made the mornings and the commuting a lot easier. And besides I only have three weeks left in work now, so I should be able to power through that.



Week 29 – Day 2

On the train back from Cologne and I’m so tired, but can’t seem to sleep. It’s been a really great weekend, but with two late nights, lots of walking around and getting woken up by the fire alarm and having to evacuate this morning… It has definitely taken its toll.

And I really miss Dave, and being at home in our bed, and on our sofa. And I really don’t want to get up for work tomorrow. 

Three day week though, and then Dublin and my last trip before I’m consigned to Amsterdam. I feel it’s a good time to stop. In my heart I still want to squeeze in a London trip, but time is running out and my head tells me that I’ll thank myself and feels very sensible for staying in one place after this. 

Week 29 – Day 0

So I hadn’t actually noticed it that much, but when I look at this weeks’ bump pic there actually quite a bit of difference from two weeks ago! IMG-2158

Very much bigger now! And although I hadn’t thought much about it, I really am getting more tired. This morning I got the lift in work to go up one floor, something I have NEVER done before… all because when I walked up yesterday I was panting like someone how hasn’t moved around for 20 years. Crazy!

I’m also really starting to miss my normal clothes. I can’t say that I’m super fashion focused, but now with all the nice new things out in the shops for fall I really want to treat myself, and I know there’s no point :/ so feeling just a bit out of the loop.

Officially we’ve entered the 30th week, and I can’t believe it can be as little as 2 months left before she’s reasonably here. I can’t begin to imagine how much it will all change.

Week 26 – Day 3

No picture over the weekend cause we’ve been camping! I wasn’t really sure how it was gonna go with sleeping in an air mattress for two nights, but it’s been really good actually, and my back has been fine! My body was totally beat and tired though when we got home yesterday. I had a nice long bath then fell asleep on the sofa at 8 and slept til almost 8 this morning! I guess it wears you out more than I thought!

On the Thursday before we left we had our 4 weekly checkup at the midwife. Blood pressure is good, and the little ones hear beat is good too! It sounded higher than usual when we listened, and turns out it was because I’d just had a coffee before I went.

Then on the Saturday I had a little panic cause I didn’t feel her kick all day. It was probably cause we’d been out on a boat and my mind had been on all the stuff we were doing at camping, but my head still got really worked up about it, and then when she eventually moved I felt so relieved! My little baby ❤

Week 21 – Day 3

No bump pic today… Sorry, this morning was unreal. It was the first time since I stopped feeling sick and tired that I felt a real physical effect of this pregnancy, and I just had to lie back down instead of getting ready for work. Seems there’s been some kind of growth spurt over the weekend. I look pregnant beyond doubt now, and must have gained two kilos in the last two days. Gravity felt extra strong this morning. So in total it’s a weight gain of 4 kg now, which I think is perfectly normal… It’s just that three out of the four came in the last week or so.

Is this the beginning of the end of the dream 2nd trimester? I technically have a whole month left before entering the last stage, and this might be a one off symptom that I’m feeling while I re-adjust. Man I hope so…

On top of the growth spurt it feels like my whole uterus has moved, sort of upward, pushing everything aside even more. I usually have a bowl of yogurt, fruit and granola for breakfast which does me really well, but today I felt so sick after. Not nauseous, but as if I’d gone all out at an all you can eat buffet. I imagine this is what it feels like after having one of those gastric band surgeries, and it takes a while mentally to catch up with the fact that you just can’t each the same amount. Need to re-plan my whole daily routing to fit in lots of little meals instead, if this is gonna continue… to be continued…

Week 9 – Day 4


  • Hello acid reflux! Everything I eat just sits in my throat, making me feel perpetually uncomfortable and burp-y.
  • Polo mints are my new BFF
  • The tiredness that’s hit me this week is beyond! After lunch in work all I want is a nap…
  • I’ve had really strange dreams recently. I can’t remember the exact content of them, but I remember that I’m very aggressive in them, pushing people away (physically), pushing objects off of tables and around… No idea what it means.
  • I haven’t been sick/vomited since Sunday (but probably jinxed it now)

I wonder how much longer I can keep this up in work, especially with King’s Day looming and everyone expecting me to be out and drinking! We’ve basically told friends and family now, and I’ve told a handful of people who work here (but not with me), who I’m friends with. But guess I’ll have to break the news to managers in the Hague, then here, then colleagues here. How do people hide this kind of stuff??

Week 7 – Day 4

I am tired all the time. The last couple of days I’ve struggled to stay awake until 9 pm, and in work I’m getting looks from people because of the constant yawning. I sort of wish I could just tell people so that I have a genuine excuse for not feeling on top all the time. I’m less social and I’m constantly trying to hide the fact that I feel sick. It’s exhausting. I just want to exhale, let my bloated tummy go, and tell people to fuck off.

I’m also getting increasingly uncomfortable in my clothes. Even wearing tights feels like it’s pushing inward too much. But I don’t want to buy pregnancy clothes yet… I think if it gets a bit warmer in the next week I can get away with loose dresses and no tights. That should work as an in between.

With all this tiredness and bloatedness I’ve been up for absolutely nothing. I come home from work, and all plans of easy run/yoga/strength etc. are quickly exchanged for sitting on sofa and falling asleep. Such a bad cycle, as I know that actually doing something will improve my energy.

Good things:

  • Two more days, then Paris 🙂 then family 🙂 which = 10 days of being around people who know!
  • One week until the first midwife meeting! I hope they combine it with the scan, so that I hopefully get a better sense of reality.