Week 30 – Day 2

Waiting for the flight back from Dublin. Last flight this year. Last flight as not a mother. I have nothing against being just in one place when it’s my choice, but there are still so many things I want to plan in and do and now I actually can’t. 

My last post about how everything was easy backfired a bit! On Friday we went out for a meal and I massively over ate (and it was quite oily which didn’t help). Later that evening I kept burping up all the food into my mouth and I tried to speak at the same time so sort of choked on the half food half vomit :/ then as I was coughing loads I full on wee’d myself. Not just a little drizzle, but full on wet patch all over the crotch! Daym. 

Lessons learned: Do not over eat! It’s uncomfortable for hours afterwards, I end up burping up sick, and potentially choking on it. 

Anyway, here’s a delayed bump pic from Friday! The internet in the middle of nowhere in Ireland was really bad.

Less than six more weeks of work, and ten more weeks of this! Time to properly start nesting, so this week and next me and Dave will be aiming to get the baby room fully sorted! 


Week 29 – Day 2

On the train back from Cologne and I’m so tired, but can’t seem to sleep. It’s been a really great weekend, but with two late nights, lots of walking around and getting woken up by the fire alarm and having to evacuate this morning… It has definitely taken its toll.

And I really miss Dave, and being at home in our bed, and on our sofa. And I really don’t want to get up for work tomorrow. 

Three day week though, and then Dublin and my last trip before I’m consigned to Amsterdam. I feel it’s a good time to stop. In my heart I still want to squeeze in a London trip, but time is running out and my head tells me that I’ll thank myself and feels very sensible for staying in one place after this. 

Week 27 – Day 0

We’re well and truly 3rd trimestering! 90 days to go, and a lot of stuff is suddenly happening.

  • In the next 4 weeks, there’s serious growth spurt happening, where she properly fattens up!
  • She dreams! and has a consciousness! Like a real person
  • If she’s born premature now, the chances that she survives with no lasting damages is very high 🙂 so a little relief there.
  • From my next appointment at the midwife the visits will be more frequent, and they will do another blood test.

Dave’s away this weekend, so I’ve got three days to myself. Not quite sure what I’ll get up to yet, but if I’m as tired as I have been the last two days, I’m guessing not much… Then next weekend it’s Liverpool!! Where I’ll get to see Cris and her bump ❤

I think this week’s bump looks pretty similar to previous ones, but I’m expecting a faster pace of change over the next month! I’m really happy that I haven’t had to buy any maternity clothes yet (besides the two pairs of jeans) but I reckon that will change very soon. Most of my tops don’t cover the bottom of my bell anymore :/