Week 20 – Day 5

A daughter ❤ the thought makes me infinitely happy and scared at the same time. I will try to gather my thoughts more and get them down on paper.

But for now I can report that the scan went well. She looks healthy and all the organs are where they are supposed to be. She’s a little bit on the small side of average, but the midwife said that it was still within the acceptable range, so nothing to worry about. I was small when I was born, so maybe it’s genetic. Also, as I’m the one who needs to push her out, I don’t mind that the head is on the small side, as long as she’s actually ok.

We’re looking more seriously at names now, mostly space/star names… But I don’t actually want to decide or settle on anything until I see her face. Really can’t imagine what it will even be like!


Week 11 – Day 1

Based on Justins measurement yesterday (43.5 mm!) We were moved up a bit. New expected delivery date is 16 November! I’ll still do tummy pics on Sundays though I think.

So! The scan was pretty awesome! There’s actually something in there! This to be precise:

It was so mesmerising and strange to see him moving around in there. The baby is real! I couldn’t stop laughing (and crying) and really would have liked to stick around for longer.

On Monday I have to get and give a blood sample at the hospital to check for all the normal stuff in my blood and then we don’t have the next appointment until the end of May. Just hoping that everything continues to go well.

Week 10 – Day 5

It’s strange how I doubt my body… The ultrasound is later today and I’m still sat here thinking “I hope there’s something actually in there and I haven’t just imagined all this”. Have to rationally remind myself that I haven’t had a period since January and I’ve had morning sickness and I can actually now feel my uterus if u push down at the bottom of my stomach. Plus I’ve had no signs of miscarriage so the most likely and logical conclusion is that there’s something in there! But it still doesn’t feel real… I’ll report back on this feeling after the scan.

On another positive note, I think I’m out of the morning sickness and nausea jungle! Haven’t vomited in two weeks and no longer feel constantly nauseous and uncomfortable! 

Week 10 – Day 2

The discussion about pre-natal testing continues at home. I think we’re going to not get the tests. For my part I don’t see the point. They can test for three things, out of an endless list of things that could possibly go wrong (not that I think that anything will go wrong). And I still argue that knowing wouldn’t change anything… so why stress over it. I’m sort of too tired to write all the pros and cons down, but let’s just say that we’ve spent many many hours discussing this at home. And Dave being a scientist thinks that all knowledge is good. I’m not sure I agree…

I am really looking forward to the ultrasound on Friday though. I’m struggling now tho actually imagine that there’s something in there. I’ve sort of come to terms with how I’ve been feeling without grasping that there’s a real reason for feeling this way… does that make sense? It’ll be nice to get confirmed that there’s actually something in there causing all this hassle for me. Plus we’ll have a little picture of Justin! And we’ll hear his heart ( I hope!!). Three more days!