Week 34 – Day 4

I read an interesting fact today… My uterus is 1000 times bigger now than what it was at conception! 1000 TIMES!!!! This is insane!

Anyway… the pram problem was not solved this weekend, but we did end up finding one online that we have ordered and it’s been dispatched! I’m not going to fully celebrate until I have it in my possession, but it’s one step closer. And we know which car seat to buy now, which also feels like a big win.

Another thing I read that I hadn’t really thought of at all is that it could be a good idea to start making more food than we need, and freeze stuff, so that once she’s here, we can just take stuff out of the freezer and heat up for us. Seeing as cooking might not be a top priority at the start. Or, just ask every single visitor to bring take away for us 🙂

In the spirit of making life easier, we got a cleaner in the weekend, and my only thought after was why have we not done this earlier?! It’s so nice to come home to a clean flat. And she mopped the floors which is something we never do, and it was just so clean!! Definitely keeping this perk until further notice!

I’m counting down the days I have left to work, 8 including today! Feels like very little, but I wish it was here already.


Week 32 – Day 6

Day 6…not 5? My app changed the counting when I downloaded it on my new phone. Either way due date is still the same, but I guess the weeks switch on Thursdays? I’m well confused.

Another evening of prenatal course yesterday with trying out different pushing positions. My favourites are squatting on the floor, like oldskool toilet style, or on all fours either on the bed or on the floor as well. Definitely not a fan of lying down… Also quite pleased that we’re getting to know all the other parents to be a bit better. It’s a funny mix of people with all sorts of different backgrounds, which is quite nice.

I’m starting to suspect that I’m hitting the point in pregnancy when things are becoming a tad more difficult. Yes, I’ve been tired and stuff already, but it’s been pretty standard and manageable to still continue at a reasonable pace. This week though… cycling has slowed right down, back aches have ramped right up and the tiredness has hit cause I’ve started sleeping worse and worse. Sort of a restless sleep where I wake myself up every time I have to move or turn around.

On the plus side, I’ve started working two days from home as of this week which I’ll do until I go on leave. That’s made the mornings and the commuting a lot easier. And besides I only have three weeks left in work now, so I should be able to power through that.


Week 9 – Day 4


  • Hello acid reflux! Everything I eat just sits in my throat, making me feel perpetually uncomfortable and burp-y.
  • Polo mints are my new BFF
  • The tiredness that’s hit me this week is beyond! After lunch in work all I want is a nap…
  • I’ve had really strange dreams recently. I can’t remember the exact content of them, but I remember that I’m very aggressive in them, pushing people away (physically), pushing objects off of tables and around… No idea what it means.
  • I haven’t been sick/vomited since Sunday (but probably jinxed it now)

I wonder how much longer I can keep this up in work, especially with King’s Day looming and everyone expecting me to be out and drinking! We’ve basically told friends and family now, and I’ve told a handful of people who work here (but not with me), who I’m friends with. But guess I’ll have to break the news to managers in the Hague, then here, then colleagues here. How do people hide this kind of stuff??