Week 27 – Day 3

I was home by myself this weekend while Dave was in Hamburg on a lads holiday (cannot wait to go away with just friends after the baby is out!). It was a really relaxing weekend, but I noticed that it’s really important for me to have Dave around to talk to. Baby was a little quieter than usual between Friday and Saturday morning, and without Dave there to reason with, my thoughts very quickly went to worst case scenarios. Luckily she started moving around again so it was all good.

I also realised that I don’t speak out loud to the baby the way Dave does. I talk to her in my head, thinking that she knows what I’m saying, but clearly I need to actually say stuff out loud. Still feels a bit strange though to talk out loud to someone who isn’t there yet..


Week 21 – Day 0

Something I’ve learned about myself from being pregnant is that I’m actually quite good at taking it easy and not worrying. My initial thoughts when describing myself is that I like to plan things and have stuff under control, and when I imagined what I would be like as pregnant I thought it would be a lot harder to not know, and to worry about stuff. But having gone more than half way through now I can honestly say that I haven’t freaked out or worried about much at all. Yes, there are a million rules to follow, and yes I do wonder if everything is ok in there. But I’ve been quite good at trusting my gut instinct, and to not listen to all the “good advice” out there. I’ve taken things at my pace, not compared (too much), and have just accepted that if things feel ok, then most likely they are!

It might have helped quite a bit that I’ve had a super straight forward pregnancy so far, and that everything has been on track. But I’m actually really proud of myself for just letting things be, and accepting that I don’t know, and don’t have to know everything!

Week 19 – Day 3

Those comments that pregnant people talk about getting, they’ve started… The way people assume that they are free to talk about your body is quite disturbing. I was at a BBQ with work colleagues this weekend, and there were three other women there who are also expecting. All of them are between 14-18 weeks along (so less than me), and all of them are showing more than me. So the comments on how little I’m showing, and questions about how far along I am, combined with the fact that I can’t feel the baby yet, has now gotten me into this worried frame of mind 😦 like is the baby developing correctly? Is it smaller than normal and why can’t a feel it. Logically and rationally I know that everyone develops at different paces, and that it’s all perfectly normal. I mean, I’ve had no pain that would indicate that something has gone wrong… but still I can feel myself stressing about it… Really can’t wait til the next scan now just to get some reassurance. Anyway, here’s another week of non-existent bump.