Week 35 – Day 1

34 days to go! Pram is here, car seat is ordered! Just the final stuff for the hospital bag and making sure the cot is the correct height and then we’re ready!

Spoke to Cris a couple of days ago who’s has a slightly less straight forward pregnancy than me. She’s getting induced on the 27th. THAT’S TWO WEEKS! It really hit me then that it’s very very soon. And then we will have babies and no longer be pregnant, and everything will be different. Shit is getting very very real indeed.


Some very good news we had is that she’s already engaged head down into my pelvis which makes it extremely unlikely for her to turn the wrong way. Technically she still has enough space to turn until about next week, but hopefully she’ll stay where she is which is the correct way.


Week 34 – Day 4

I read an interesting fact today… My uterus is 1000 times bigger now than what it was at conception! 1000 TIMES!!!! This is insane!

Anyway… the pram problem was not solved this weekend, but we did end up finding one online that we have ordered and it’s been dispatched! I’m not going to fully celebrate until I have it in my possession, but it’s one step closer. And we know which car seat to buy now, which also feels like a big win.

Another thing I read that I hadn’t really thought of at all is that it could be a good idea to start making more food than we need, and freeze stuff, so that once she’s here, we can just take stuff out of the freezer and heat up for us. Seeing as cooking might not be a top priority at the start. Or, just ask every single visitor to bring take away for us 🙂

In the spirit of making life easier, we got a cleaner in the weekend, and my only thought after was why have we not done this earlier?! It’s so nice to come home to a clean flat. And she mopped the floors which is something we never do, and it was just so clean!! Definitely keeping this perk until further notice!

I’m counting down the days I have left to work, 8 including today! Feels like very little, but I wish it was here already.

Week 32 – Day 0

Oh mai gawd, 55 days to go. I didn’t check the app all week cause have been so busy, and this morning when we did the usual week check it says 55 days. It’s was only just 100, and 90, and 80..?!

The pram finally arrived tho, or well, one part of the pram, and the other should come in a couple of weeks, so still in good time. This means that pretty much every big item is ticked off the list! The room itself is still a bit chaotic, but that can be sorted out little bits at the time over the coming weekends 🙂 Still deciding whether to spend quite a substantial amount of money on a massive wall mural, or to DIY it and paint some mountains on ourselves. Some of the murals we’ve seen look insane and it would be so cool to have them. On the other hand we could save quite a bit by doing a paint job ourselves which I think would still look pretty cool (if we plan it out well!)

Tomorrow we’re heading to a baby shower in Rotterdam which will be nice 🙂 I don’t think I’ve ever been to one before!

And this week’s bump pic:



Week 28 – Day 4

Yesterday we were down to 80 days left. We got so much stuff this weekend from people, mostly pink stuff, but I guess we can balance it out ourselves with other bits. Saying that though, if we even have another baby after this, we’re definitely keeping gender a secret! It amazing and a bit terrifying how people treat little boys and girls differently… even people our age. I guess it’s a lot to do with culture.

Anyhow, I got a pregnancy massage booked in after work today! Not sure what it’ll be like, but I’l excited to go anyway 🙂 gonna be nice and relaxing I hope!

AND!! We ordered a pram! Read that delivery time can be quite long, and they were correct… 1-2 months before it arrives. So currently it’s estimated to come mid October, but could get here as late as early November… which means that if she comes early we’ll just have to manage without one for a while. But at least we’ve got it over and done with now. So that’s the second (and final) big purchase ticked off the list! The only thing left to do now is little bits and bobs that we still need, and sorting the actual baby room out so that we can stop piling stuff on to the desk, which now looks like a mountain of baby clothes and blankets.

I have a pretty good idea of what needs doing, but Dave said it might be nice to decorate/paint one of the walls… so gonna have a little look around for some inspo!

Week 24 – Day 2

It feels like a lot has happened since last week’s bump picture! There’s a proper belly now! 

Being home has been super chill and the week has gone by way too fast. But we’ve got some useful things done, like figuring out which pram to get! Tried a bunch in the shop here, actually the weight and seeing how they fold in real life. 

Plus with all the stuff from my mum we’ve made a bit of a dent in that list!